The High School experience at ACC is designed to be a capstone experience for students, giving them the opportunity to study different topics, develop their leadership skills and prepare for the Higher School Certificate.

Students in Year 9 & 10 study all of the mandatory subjects required by the NSW Board of Studies and they also have the opportunity to study elective courses such as Music, Drama, Commerce, D&T, Food Technology and PASS.

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The Preliminary Year (Year 11) at ACC is a very special time as students begin the journey towards the Higher School Certificate. We would like to talk about the culture that we are developing for this special time of life:

A great place to do your HSC

We’re serious about preparing our students for their examinations and we expect the same attitude from our students. In some ways, they have been preparing for this examination since Year 7 when they began sitting for formal examinations and they presented their assessment tasks using the same approach to details and deadlines as they would need in Year 11 & 12.

Our teachers are encouraged to stay current with the latest developments in the examinations. This includes things like membership in professional teaching associations and participation in professional development sessions. Some of our teachers are (or have been) judges for the HSC and we encourage all of our senior teachers to experience marking the HSC.

The HSC is an important milestone but it shouldn't define a student's identity

The great weakness of the examination process is that it tends to reduce students to a single ATAR score. If you get a high ATAR score, you “will” be successful in life. We work really hard to discourage this kind of mindset in our students.

Our Christian ethos tells us that God has a plan for your life and that plan may or may not include a high ATAR score. We also celebrate character and attitudes as defined in our ACC Learner Profile which recognise that success in life is far more complicated than a single ATAR score.

For students who do achieve at a high level, we celebrate with them but we also remind them that this is one more step as they transition to university education.

Subjects offered include:

2U Maths, Extension Maths, Advanced English, Extension English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Ancient History, Modern History, Industrial Technology, PDHPE, & Business Studies. Students can also study additional subjects via external provider such as a Cert III/IV in Childcare which is hosted onsite.


The best evidence for the senior school delivering on its promises is to hear from some recent graduates. In our graduates, you should see young men and women who are striving to make a positive impact on the world, regardless of their chosen field of endeavour. You should also see people of good character.

Ben Chambers

Steven Pulbrook

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