The 21st century student is a digital native. They don’t know what it’s like to live in a world without the internet and mobile technology. They express themselves using movies and content that used to be restricted to a movie studio budget. As a school community, we see this as a great opportunity to educate students in the ethical and effective use of technology.

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Teachers as Digital Natives

We have a responsibility to be personally and professionally curious about technology so that we can create learning experiences and opportunities for students.

An ACC teacher has a very different experience with technology than a typical school teacher.

At employment, we give our teachers their own Macbook Air 13 and they are responsible for setting up the computer and downloading any software that they need. We don’t have our IT department getting in the way. If teachers can’t setup their own laptop - how will they lead the way with students?

All of our primary teachers use iPads in the classroom. You’ll receive updates from them when they discover new apps to use to supplement the learning program.

Every teacher has access to ACC Online which is a suite of web services allowing for all of the common learning tasks to be conducted online.

Parents as Digital Natives

Parents need to engage with technology so that they can build relationships with their children and to provide advice on values and decisions made online. The college runs a number of parent sessions during the school year including sessions on internet safety and managing devices. Parents are also encouraged to communicate with the school electronically through ACC Online or through email.

We ask every parent to make a commitment to the education of their child with the purchase of an iPad (primary) or a Macbook Air on enrolment. We request that no other device is purchased as teachers all use Apple products.

Students as Digital Natives

We ask that every student has access to an iPad (primary) and/or a Macbook Air (Primary/Secondary). We see this as a key tool to help in learning. This tool is as important to us as wearing your uniform or purchasing pens and pencils.

Every student is required to take personal ownership of their device. They take responsibility to ensure that it is maintained and not damaged. We’ve found that this is the only way to promote the effective use of technology in the classroom.

Every student has their own ACC email address and access to ACC Online.

We’re also interested in giving our students experiences that they can’t get at home. What this looks like is students developing 3d models on their Macbooks or their iPads to be printed out on our 3d polymer printer or our laser cutter.

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