Principal’s Comments

“Where there is no vision the people perish!”

The quote above is the King James Version of the Bible’s wording of the Proverb of King Solomon recorded at Chapter 29 and verse 18 of that book. It was the version I grew up having read and preached about to me.

I always found it challenging to understand. Why would people die if they did not have vision. It was partly explained to me that the meaning of the passage was about hope and about thriving or withering: that where a person did not have hope for the future they would live a small, impoverished life rather than living the large type of life, enriched by all the good things life has to offer, that comes from knowing God’s loving purpose for you.

I know that there is truth in this understanding of the passage.

It was not until much later in life that I came across another translation of the same proverb.

“Where there is no revelation the people cast off constraint”.

This wording brought me quite a different understanding. I could see that this passage was talking about “the people” as “a community”, identified as a community because of the fact that each member shared a common revelation of what was important and accepted the “constraints” that being part of that community involved. Being part of any particular group requires accepting that your own choices about certain things must be “constrained” - that you are not completely free to do whatever you please but rather accept that your freedom to choose operates within the range that the group determines together. The motivation for accepting this limiting of your individual freedoms is knowing and appreciating personally the value - and the values - of the group.Without the personal revelation of the broader benefits of the community and being part of it, individuals will reject the limitations to their individual freedoms that being part of community requires and will follow their own decisions and preferences. When this happens the group loses its distinctive identity - the group , “the people”, cease to exist.

This was true for the nation of Israel as “the people of God”.

Whenever they lost the revelation of the value of God’s community they rejected the requirements about their decisions and actions that being part of God’s community involved. They would follow their independent ideas and preferred way of living together. But in doing so they ceased to be the community of God, identified as such by their common lifestyle and culture. When they did hold the revelation of the value of being God’s people they willingly aligned with the constraints about life required of them.

The same is true of any group.

Every sport team needs to have a way of playing as a team. Individuals who join that team, whatever individual skill set they might have, need to work in with the team’s game plan. The adage ‘a champion team is better than a team of champions’ rings true for a very good reason.

Not to assume that the policies and procedures of any team or organisation are on equal footing with the Law of God for the Israelites. But the principle of community identity and strength is the same.

As a school community, we have rules and requirements that restrict the choices individuals make as part of our community. These rules include things like behaviour towards others, completion of classwork, where and when people are to be at school, and our uniform.

I believe that there is great value in being part of the community of ACC Marsden Park and because of that I accept the constraints that being part of this community requires of me. When I am reminded of those requirements I appreciate that it is not intentionally a personal imposition but a way for the community to strengthen its identity and because I value the community and what it stands for more broadly, I willingly align my decisions with the community’s values.

As we continue to work together in partnership - staff, parents and students - to build a school community in which we are all a part of and of which we are all proud to belong to - may I invite you to think the same.

Whole School Information

Parent Connect - June 28th

7:00 - 8:30 pm

The next Parent Connect Evening Event is being held on Thursday 28 June. The focus of the night will be on providing information and practical strategies to parents on how they can help their children be safe, secure and sensible online.

Mrs Sarah van Bentum, Managing Counsellor with BaptistCare, will be our special guest presenter. Mrs van Bentum has extensive experience as both a trained educator and counsellor and has worked specifically with students across a range of mental health issues including those associated with online behaviour and safety.

Please contact Mrs Renee Parker for information.

Please RSVP here

Fashion and Fads!

Fashions and Fads are like buses - there is always another one coming along.

While the very vast majority of students continue to reflect the requirements of our uniform guidelines very well there have been a number of areas in which some variation has developed.

Of late we have seen a fad develop in some of the hairstyles being adopted by students that have pushed the interpretation of our uniform guidelines.

Also, the range of leg ware - socks and tights - among the girls and of sports shoes generally has evidenced a range of issues.

In many of these instances we appreciate that family situations may be factors.

As a member of the national group of Australian Christian Colleges we have sought advice and confirmation about these matters from the group’s managers.

Please note that, in recognition of the changing availability of sports shoes, the requirement in the ACC Uniform Guideline for sports shoes that are “majority white” is being relaxed and that suitable sports shoes of any type are permissible.

Other uniform requirements remain as listed in the uniform guide and items of uniform are available through the eStore

In order to provide sufficient time for parents to work with their children to redress any current lapses in uniform - for example to provide time for excessively cropped hair to regrow to a suitable length - we are intending to implement a stronger focus on uniform compliance from the commencement of Term 3.

From that time we intend implementing a program of notifying parents of concerns regarding uniform as we currently notify you about absences. Following discussion with parents ongoing concerns about uniform will involve some restrictions being imposed on a student’s participation in some of the privileges made available to students.

Community Code of Conduct

ACC Marsden Park enjoys a long and strong history of being an open community. Parents have always been welcome.

As the school has grown in size we need to also ensure the security of our site for the safety and welfare of all students. While parents are still very welcome to visit us,we ask that you always sign in at reception to collect a visitors pass, so that we can be confident as to who we might be hosting on site.

Thank you for your cooperation.



On Thursday 28th June, ACCMP Year 10, 11 and 12 students will be attending the Western Sydney Careers Expo at Sydney Showground. Students can attend HSC seminars on subjects including English, Maths, Biology, Business Studies, PDHPE, Ancient History, Legal Studies and Chemistry.

There will also be presentations on subject selection for Year 10 students, information on applying through UAC and the ATAR.

Hundreds of Exhibitors will have:

  • resources for the HSC
  • information about university, TAFE and training courses
  • career advice
  • study advice
  • employment advice
  • apprenticeship and traineeship advice
  • international exchange and gap year programs

Follow the link below for more information:

Transport arrangements for getting to and from the event

Year 10 students are required to travel to and from the event on the ACC bus.

Year 11 and 12 students are permitted to organise their own travel arrangements, with parental permission, or travel on the ACC bus.

Parents can register their student using the following link:

Campus Improvements

Kitchen almost finished.

We can’t wait! After a longer than hoped for program of refit and reconstruction we are very soon to enjoy the full benefits of occupying our new kitchen. There are any number of plans surrounding what magnificent treats and delicacies will be prepared there.

Look for news about an official celebration and launch next Term!

Over the long mid-year break there are a number of plans to make some further improvements to the campus. We are all looking forward to the results of the work that will be undertaken over the break.

Parent-Teacher Meetings.

ACC Marsden Park seeks to take seriously the partnership in which we are engaged with parents in educating of their children. A key part of that partnership, essential if it is to a successful one, is open communication in a trusting relationship between parents and teachers.

Our next Parent-Teacher Meeting event is scheduled for 5th July.

If you have children in Kindergarten through to Year 10 you will receive the link that will allow you to make bookings to meet with your children. This will be provided to you via email shortly.

We look forward to welcoming you to that event and to the opportunity it presents to strengthen our partnership with you.

As we approach the end of Term 2 consider your Lost Property

Please note that we have a mounting pile of lost property with no names, including items that have been left on buses and in shopping centres! Please check all uniform items and ensure that student names are on them. If the student name is on the item, it will be returned. All unclaimed uniform items will be handed over to the second hand uniform sale at the end of term 2.

Busways Information

ACC is working with Busways in making efforts to enforce the use of Opal cards on their buses.

This term, Busways Inspectors will be checking to ensure that students are using their Opal cards when boarding the school bus. Students that do not present a valid Opal card will be asked to pay a fare. Failure to produce a valid Opal card or bus fare will result in the Inspector recoding the students name.

This is an example of how the student's information will be recorded:

Route Service/School Bus No.


Students Name



Eg School bus 4620


John Smith


Invalid School Opal card

After the school inspection, the names that were recorded will be emailed to ACC. Staff at ACC will then follow up with the parents/guardians of the students concerned.

All students need to produce one of the following:

  • School Opal card
  • Child/Youth Opal card
  • Pay a fare for travel

Opal cards are important because each one is used to determine demand for bus services. If students don't have an Opal card to tap on and off, the service will appear underutilised and may be considered for cancellation based on low passenger numbers.

For students that currently do not have an Opal card, please visit the Opal website: 

We would encourage any student who might use public transport to apply for an Opal card.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Lego Enthusiasts!

Brickbuilt by SYDLUG will be holding an exhibition at Max Webber Library these school holidays.

Go along and see this amazing exhibition and meet the experts who build with toy bricks. Displays are created by adult fans of Lego.

Saturday 14 July, 10am - 2pm

Monday 16 July - Friday 20 July, 10am - 4pm

Saturday 21 July, 10am - 2pm

You will find the exhibition in the Max Webber Function Centre, Cnr Flushcombe Rd and Alpha St, Blacktown.

Celebrations and Success.


Last Friday over 30 ACC students competed in the State Level CSSA Cross Country event. We are very proud of the efforts of all competitors who each gave their best effort on the day and participated with exemplary athleticism and sportsmanship.

Special congratulations go to Ethan Gibb in Year 11 who finished 9th in his race and to Alex Eason in Year 4 who finished 5th.

Staff News!

We note that the end of this Term 2 members of our staff will away from us for a period of Parental Leave and we offer our thanks to, and prayers for, both of them:

Mrs Kate BUrrett from our Year 5 class.

Mrs Di Kwok from our Distance Education teaching team.

Distance Education Program

We are very thankful to be a school that is able to provide a quality christian education to students who for various reasons are not in a position to attend on campus. Recently our Distance Education or Online Only program enrolment topped over 200 students. We prayer for these students and wish them well in all their studies

Distance Education Stage 6 and HSC

We have made an application to the NEW Education Standards Authority to extend our Distance Education program into Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) and to present candidates for the HSC. We are praying for a positive outcome to this process and invite you to join us in those prayers.

Vale Paris Kamper

It is with great sadness that we inform our community of the passing of Paris Kamper, a student in Year 9 of our Distance Education program. Paris died in a tragic accident as a result of taking an extreme mix of alcohol and other substances.

We share her family’s sadness at this loss and invite all families to engage in frank conversation about the unexpected possible consequences of participating in risk-taking behavior of all types.

Primary Take 2

Secondary Take 2

HomeWork Club

Going from strength to Strength- book your place!

Homework club has been operatingeach Monday afternoon from 2:50 - 4:00 pm for a few weeks now. Two teachers have been available to offer advice and assistance to any student who needs some help in starting or completing homework or assessments.

The service is proving increasingly popular and the number of students making use of this opportunity is growing steadily.

As this provision becomes used more frequently, booking a place using the online form at this link will be more and more essential.

HomeWork Club booking form:

Year 8 Japanese Cultural Day

A Japanese cultural afternoon has been organised for Year 8 as part of the history unit Japan under the Shoguns on Friday 29th June during Periods 5 and 6.

Students will investigate and communicate different features of Japanese culture and society. They will research and design their own informative and interactive stalls.

A Japanese afternoon tea will be served. It is designed to be a fun and engaging way to finish History for Year 8.

Minimum Literacy and Numeracy Tests

Last week Year 10 students sat the Minimum Literacy and Numeracy Tests for either Reading, Writing or Numeracy. 87% of our students who sat the test passed one or all of their allocated tests. Well done to the students involved and their teachers who have worked hard together to improve their results.

If you would like to see how your child went in their tests, or if there are any outstanding tests to complete, students can login to to review their achievement. Alternatively, please make contact with your child's homeroom teacher.

Our next available time for students to sit their Minimum Literacy and Numeracy Tests will be in late August, Term 3.

Year 12 Graduation Information

A letter has been sent home to all parents with information about the final days of school at ACC for our class of 2018. Belowyou will find a summery of these events:

Wednesday 26th September:

Year 12 breakfast with staff, followed by Secondary assembly which will be run by year 12. After the assembly, staff will be involved in a celebratory activity with year 12 students.

Thursday 27th September:

Year 12 graduation ceremony, ending with a ‘Guard of Honour’ from students. Later that night year 12 will be attending their Valedictory Dinner with staff and parents. More information will follow about the Valedictory Dinner in the coming weeks.

Please forward any questions to Mrs Renee Parker via email at [email protected] or by phone on 9421 7111

Upcoming Events

  • DE Residential Day School: 25-29 June
  • Years 10-12 Careers Expo
  • Evening Parent Connect: 28 June
  • K-10 Parent Teacher Interviews: 5 July
  • Last Day of Term 2: 6th July