Principal’s Comments

Hopefully you have heard through at least one of our methods of communication about PERRKS (Positivity | Engaged | Respect | Responsibility | Kindness | Service ) - the framework of positive behaviours  that we have been emphasizing with our students through the Pastoral Care programs in our Home room classes and through our assemblies.

The reasoning behind this program is that teaching young people how to behave and to interact is just as important an outcome for our school as teaching them read and write well. Similarly to our teaching the traditional curriculum content, we do not assume that just by requiring students to behave well and to relate kindly they will simply know how to do this. Rather, our approach is that young people need to be taught how to live out the values that are prioritised in our families and school community.

This Term we have adopted a focus on teaching resilience.

Resilience has been recognised across the education sector as being something that is fundamental to young people wellbeing and welfare. It is normally defined as “the ability to bounce back” from adversity or setbacks and most schools include resilience education into their student care programs.

We have taken a significantly different approach.

Most resilience building programs set out to equip young people with a set of mental strategies that enable them to “bounce back” from the situations that are disappointing. They set out to develop greater inner strength and more effective coping mechanisms.

These practical strategies can be very helpful to students and we teach these to our students as part of our programs too.

But rather than focussing our students on “bouncing back from” hardship using their own fortitude and a set of skills and strategies, we set out to teach them to “bounce back to” the enduring love of God for them; to His open and welcoming arms; to the knowledge that He can work good even out of the most broken situations.

It is a subtle but vital distinction - bouncing back from draws your attention to the difficulty and to your own ability to cope; bouncing back to emphasises the the power in the care of God and to His promises to us.

KIng David understood this principle. Before he truly became King of Israel his life was full of hardship as his enemy pursued him for year after year, intent on killing him without mercy. He lived in caves, was forced to go without food; was chased and harrassed; was betrayed by people he trusted.

David knew the soul crushing effects of these situations. But he also know that his hope was not in his own strength alone.

“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I” Ps 61:2

In this Psalm David clearly knows that he must “bounce back to” the God who on whom he can always rely and who has promised to to be his firm and unshakeable foundation for life.

Knowing this truth - that in every challenging situation they can turn to the care and strength of their loving Heavenly Father - is what we intend for very student.

Whole School Information

Parent Connect goes Evening - June 28th

Parent Connect is a great way for parents of students of all ages to connect with each and with the school. These meetings allow you to meet with other interested parents to hear first hand from the Principal and other members of the school executive about plans , priorities and projects across the school. They also allow you to ask questions and make suggestions about matters of interest that are important to you.

In order to make these valuable experiences available to all parents we regularly plan for a Parent Connect to be held at night to accommodate those families who are interested but not able to attend during the day.

The next Parent Connect Evening Event is being planned for Thursday 28 June. The focus of the night will be on providing information and practical strategies to parents on how they can help their children be safe, secure and sensible online.

Please contact Mrs Renee Parker for information

Please RSVP here

School Photos

Australian Christian College 2018 Photos

Photos will be taken on Wed 13th & Thurs 14th of June.

To order, simply click on this link:

Enter shoot code 1296 and follow the instructions.

Please NOTE:

1.  All ordering is online **

2. If ordering SIBLING PHOTOS:

  • The details for at least two children must be entered (even if you are not ordering for one of them).
  • Orders must be placed online before: 7pm the day before you would like them to be photographed

** If you are unable to order online by credit card, email [email protected] to organise alternate arrangements

HomeWork Club commences

We are delighted to share with you news of this new initiative. To further support the work that is being done through our THRIVE Academic Mentoring program we are commencing a HomeWork Club aimed at helping students in Years 7-12 get the support they might need to complete work set for completion outside of class. Each Monday afternoon from 2:50 - 4:00 pm two teachers will be available to offer advice and assistance to any student who needs some help in starting or completing homework or assessments.

In addition, class teachers may use this provision as an opportunity to make a special appointment with a student to spend some extra time with them revising a concept of a skill.

A light afternoon refreshment will also be provided.

Particularly during this pilot phase, places may be limited, so booking a place using the online form at this link is essential.


HomeWork Club booking form:

Reminder- change to uniform policy.

This week we have been intentionally monitoring students uniform at the start of each day.

The vast majority of students have looked fantastic as they have arrived for class in full uniform. Well done!

We understand that some families are still in the process of receiving delivery of newly ordered items but we do encourage all parents to attend as quickly as they can to ensuring their children are able to meet the uniform requirements each day. If your family is facing a delay in delivery of an item of uniform, please send your child with a brief note from parents so that we can account for this.

May we particularly remind parents about the recent change in our uniform code regarding the requirements for boys hair.

Inserted into the policy guidelines is the following:

"Boys’ hair is to be neat, tidy, above the collar and must not hang over the face. Extreme styles, pony-tails and buns are not permitted."

Lost Property

Please note that we have a mounting pile of lost property with no names, including items that have been left on buses and in shopping centres! Please check all uniform items and ensure that student names are on them. If the student name is on the item, it will be returned. All unclaimed uniform items will be handed over to the second hand uniform sale at the end of term 2.

Walking for Water

Last Friday May 18, all of year 8 took part in their ambitious fundraising event World Vision's 6K Walk to Water. 

All Year 8, a number of students from other Years, several staff, a number of parents, and even some ex-students walked the 21 laps of the school oval that was required to cover 6 kilometres.

It was a fantastic effort by all who participated.

During lunch the the students set up a range of food stalls around the perimeter of the A Block lawn, selling a wonderful variety of items to an enthusiastic crowd. Supplemented with a broadcast playlist it was a great time of fun and feasting. This was a great community building event for the whole school. The result was that $3000 was raised for World Vision’s very worthy cause of providing clean water to villages in poverty stricken countries.

Our sincere thanks and our very warm congratulations to Mrs Russell, to Year 8 and to all who helped make this such a successful event.

Greater Western Sydney Careers Market

Finding your path in life is one of the biggest and most important decisions we can make. Even though research suggests that students graduating school now are likely to have several very varied careers throughout their working life everyone has to start somewhere.

Thursday 24th May was the day that a number of our students attended he Greater Western Sydney Careers Market. This event provides the chance for students to explore options about their futures and to speak with the professionals from Universities, TAFE, Apprenticeship Centres, Group Training Organisations, Private Colleges, Professional Associations and Employers about further education and/or career options available to them.

If you would like to speak further with someone about future career or study options please contact school reception

Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp

The Year 9 Outdoor Education camp is happening in Week 6 of this term.

The camp program indicates that it will be an exciting experience, filled with adventure and activities to stretch and challenge the students and build their self confidence and their relationships with others. It will be something no-one will want to miss out on!

Year 9 parents should have received an email containing all relevant information and required permission forms. Please contact Ross Howard on 9421 7111 for more information.

Busways Information

ACC is working with Busways in making efforts to enforce the use of Opal cards on their buses.

This term, Busways Inspectors will be checking to ensure that students are using their Opal cards when boarding the school bus. Students that do not present a valid Opal card will be asked to pay a fare. Failure to produce a valid Opal card or bus fare will result in the Inspector recoding the students name.

This is an example of how the student's information will be recorded:

Route Service/School Bus No.


Students Name



Eg School bus 4620


John Smith


Invalid School Opal card

After the school inspection, the names that were recorded will be emailed to ACC. Staff at ACC will then follow up with the parents/guardians of the students concerned.

All students need to produce one of the following:

  • School Opal card
  • Child/Youth Opal card
  • Pay a fare for travel

Opal cards are important because each one is used to determine demand for bus services. If students don't have an Opal card to tap on and off, the service will appear underutilised and may be considered for cancellation based on low passenger numbers.

For students that currently do not have an Opal card, please visit the Opal website: 

We would encourage any student who might use public transport to apply for an Opal card.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Lego Enthusiasts!

Brickbuilt by SYDLUG will be holding an exhibition at Max Webber Library these school holidays.

Go along and see this amazing exhibition and meet the experts who build with toy bricks. Displays are created by adult fans of Lego.

Monday 9 July - Friday 13 July: 10am - 4pm

Saturday 14 July: 10am - 2pm

Monday 16 July - Friday 20 July: 10am - 4pm

Saturday 21 July: 10am - 2pm

You will find the exhibition in the Max Webber Function Centre, Cnr Flushcombe Rd and Alpha St, Blacktown.

Celebrations and Success.


Congratulations to all our sports teams who represent our school so well as they compete each Tuesday afternoon. We know you all do us proud. A special congratulations, though, goes to the Junior Boys Football (and by football we mean “soccer”) who remain undefeated so far this season. Well done, boys, and finish the season strongly.

After our very successful school Cross COuntry Carnivals (thanks Mr Keith and Mr Hearsey) we have over 60 students who have qualified to compete at the CSSA State Cross Country event next Friday. We wish all our students well and pray for the safety of all competitors involved.

Primary Take 2

Secondary Take 2

Year 12 Graduation Information

A letter has been sent home to all parents with information about the final days of school at ACC for our class of 2018. Below  you will find a summery of these events:

Wednesday 26th September:

Year 12 breakfast with staff, followed by Secondary assembly which will be run by year 12. After the assembly, staff will be involved in a celebratory activity with year 12 students.

Thursday 27th September:

Year 12 graduation ceremony, ending with a ‘Guard of Honour’ from students. Later that night year 12 will be attending their Valedictory Dinner with staff and parents. More information will follow about the Valedictory Dinner in the coming weeks.

Please forward any questions to Mrs Renee Parker via email at [email protected] or by phone on 9421 7111

Upcoming Events

  • State Cross Country: 1 June
  • Year 11 Student Reports issued: 1 June
  • Year 9 camp: 6- 9 June
  • Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend: 9-11 June
  • Year 11 Parent Teacher Interviews: 12 June
  • School Photos: 13-14 June
  • DE Residential Camp: 18-22 June
  • Parent Connect Evening: 28 June
  • DE Residential Day School: 25-29 June
  • K-10 Parent Teacher Interviews: 5 July
  • Last Day of Term 2: 6th July