Principal’s Comments

It is almost scary how fast the year seems to be moving! Here we are, in what seems no time at all, at the end of the first term of the year and looking to term 2.

This is represented by the fact that we have no sooner cleared the fridge of  chocolate Easter eggs then we are packing it with lamb for our ANZAC day BBQs.

Both of these cultural events have assumed greater social importance in recent years with attendance at Easter Services and at Dawn Services of Remembrance both increasing.

At first glance these two rites of remembrance can seem to be very similar - the sacrificial offering of life in the name of Love. “For greater love has no man than this than he would lay down his life” - the acknowledgment is equally applied to and is equally powerful in the context of the events of Easter and in the recognition of those who have fallen in war in defence of our country and our culture.

It is right and proper that we understand and value the sacrifice that is marked by ANZAC day and that we affirm the Oath - “we will remember them”. The service of our fallen defence personnel was noble, their courage unquestionable, their legacy enduring.

In light of this and of the growing appreciation amongst our society of “the ANZAC spirit”, we might ask what makes Jesus’ sacrificial death celebrated at Easter any more important, any more effective, than the sacrifice of those we remember at ANZAC day.

There is a vital difference between these two events of history that makes all the difference in world.

Services remembering the ANZAC story continue to include the laying of a wreath at the grave or at the tomb of a representative soldier, each bearing the inscription “Here lies …..”.

Easter, in contrast,  is marked by an empty tomb! When the disciples went to the grave they were greeted with the declaration by the Angel “He is not here! He is Risen”. There couldn’t be any more stark a difference.

It is the fact of the empty grave, the power of the resurrection to make us new creatures free from the consequences and the tyranny of sin, that is the full story of the Christian faith. Paul reminds us in Corinthians that “if Christ is not raised your faith is in vain and you are still in your sins”. In doing so Paul is declaring  the resurrection of Jesus and the reality of Him now being alive as the essential fact that secures for the Christian a new life of faith.

We should not confuse Easter and ANZAC.

For all the respect and regard our soldiers deserve from us for what they have given in service (and they do), we should remember that there is not one of them that have been raised to newness of life as has Jesus. They remain in the graves, marked and unmarked, in which they were laid. But no wreath can be laid for Jesus because He has no grave to visit; He is alive and living today.

As you and your friends and family mark ANZAC day during the break in whatever way you choose to, I pray that you will also remember the one who died but who is alive again and who offers all of us an invitation to know Him as He is and share His resurrected life now and in eternity.

Whole School Information

Thank you for your understanding!

Cancelled Parent Connect

We appreciate your understanding at our need to have postponed the Parent Connect that had been scheduled to focus on providing information and help for parents on keeping young people safe online. We will be working reschedule this event as we believe it is essential for every parent to be well informed and confident in what they can do practically to help their teenagers navigate the online environment. Watch for future dates.

On an associated note.

10 Apps every parent should know about

As we are encouraging parents to be aware and informed you might be interested in reading this article that provides some up-to-date information on what young people are doing with their smart devices and computers. Click the link below

10 Apps that teens are using that parents need to know

BYOD - Clean as you go!

It is a good practice that most apprentices learn to "clean as you go". The advice means that you are less likely to overwhelmed by clutter.

A number of our staff have noticed that some students have devices that are running out of storage or that are running slow because of process-heavy programs.

The 2 week break would be a great time to “clean your machine”. Run a scan and remove unnecessary programs and free up more storage for essential work.

ACC Community Night

Watch this space!

In early Term 2 we will be running our annual ACC Community Night. There will be food, entertainment, demonstrations, free gifts, stalls,  and more! If you are interested in holding a stall, please contact Renee on 9421 7111.


Most of our students are known for their exemplary behaviour in public. While we expect nothing less from our students we do thank them for so often making good decisions about their attitudes and actions in public.

Unfortunately that is not true for every student or for every situation, and we have received some feedback from members of the public about some instances of ACC students behaving in ways that are disrespectful of others and that have made others feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Whenever a student is out in public, especially when they are wearing our school uniform, they are representing every one of us. I encourage all students to remember that they represent the values and the culture of the College, and as a result, represent every person in our community.

Let’s all make sure we are representing each other well.


The NAPLAN tests are useful diagnostic tools for schools to identify areas of strength in their teaching programs and practices, areas where more targeted teaching may be required, and the range of students’ achievement, including which may need further specific support in their learning.

In 2018 the NAPLAN tests will once again be held for Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 during the period Tuesday 15 May - Thursday 17 May.

Participation in the testing program is expected for students in the respective Years of schooling and parents of these students should have received communication about the administration of NAPLAN.

If you would like any further information or if you have any question about the tests or your child’s participation in them, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

Below is a link to the Parent Information page provided by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)

NESA Info for Parents

Early Intervention Speech Support

Kristen Hillier

Research into effective teaching and learning is reinforcing the importance of language acquisition and master and of early diagnosis and intervention strategies to support all students reaching benchmarks.

ACC already employs a specialist literacy teacher, Ms Jacqui Smith, to work intensively with teachers and students to support student's reading development. We are very pleased to include in this support a program providing early specific support in the area of speech and language development of students. Mrs Hillier will be undertaking a series of screening assessments and will be available for follow up support as needed. Allow us to introduce her to you.

My name is Kristen Hillier, and I am an experienced Speech Pathologist who you might see around Australian Christian College as I start work at the school in term 2. I graduated in 2013 from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology). I am a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist (CPSP) and a member of Speech Pathology Australia (SPA).

I have experience working as a Speech Pathologist with children in the private and not-for-profit sectors and have worked in the public sector with adults. I fell in love with working with children during my university degree as well as through serving in children’s ministries and on missions with my church. I currently work part time as a Speech Pathologist and Clinical Educator/Associate Lecturer at The University of Sydney Communication Disorders Treatment and Research Clinic (CDTRC). In my role I am responsible for teaching and training Speech Pathology students while on clinical placements who see paediatric and adult clients. I have a heart to help others and feel this is a gift God has given me. I love using my personal and professional skills when working with children to encourage and support them to participate in life.

All children need to develop speech, language, and communication skills to reach their full academic, social and vocational potential. Children need to understand what they hear or read, and need to have the ability to express themselves using the right words and sentences when speaking and writing, both in the classroom and playground. The curriculum relies on language skills. Each year of schooling the academic expectations increase and the language used in the classroom becomes more sophisticated. Without a strong foundation of communication skills, children may be  at risk of falling behind in their school work and the risk of behavioural difficulties and reduced engagement or enjoyment at school increases.

If children have difficulty using or understanding a variety of words, make errors when choosing words, have trouble making sentences or difficulty understanding questions from their teacher, they may benefit from further investigation and support. Speech Pathologists work with teachers, children and their families to diagnose issues with and to support and improve their understanding and use of language, speech and communication skills at school and in everyday activities.

I am excited to provide services to the school community and look forward to meeting and working with you.

Warm Regards,

Kristen Hillier
SPA Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist
Email: [email protected]

Change of Season - change of uniform

The first day of Term 2 marks the “official” commencement of winter Uniform requirements. Given the likely variation in weather, we do allow students to choose to be in either summer or winter uniform for the first 2 weeks of term only. From then on Winter Uniform is expected.

Please refer to the school’s uniform guide when can be accessed by the link below.

Unifying Uniforms

Given the often rapid growth of students during a season, may we recommend that families take some time before the morning of the first day of term to check that the winter uniforms for their children still fit properly and are ready to go.

Should you need any help with ensuring that your child is equipped with all they need, please contact the school to arrange for a uniform fitting.

Walking for Water

Next term, during week three, on Friday May 18, all of year 8 will be walking 6 kilometres around the campus to raise money for World Vision's 6K Walk to Water

They will also be creating a variety of awesome stalls to raise money that will help to bring life-changing clean water to children and communities in need. These stalls will be available at lunchtime on the day and all students can buy yummy goods to help the cause. Please encourage your children to bring their pocket money and change lives!

This charity event is open to family members and members from the community too. If you'd like to register and walk 6 kilometres with year 8 in the morning on May 18, please head to donate/register on our page!

Celebrations and Success.

Students take the pool by storm!

With 16 members the ACC MP swim team that went through to the Christian Schools Sport Association (CSSA) State Swimming was the biggest we've ever sent, which was awesome. The team performed brilliantly and made us all proud of their effort, their talent, and their achievement. Two noteworthy performers were Jordan Carter forn Year 10 who won Age Champion at CSSA State Swimming this year for the under 16 girls and Joanna Oates who came first in

We congratulate all of our representative swim team.

Ethan Adrichem; Jordan Carter; Ethan Gibb; Orlando Hopkins; Sean Ible; Keiara King; Paige McDermott; Joanna Oates; Georgia Owusu; Angelina Smith; Declan Thompson; Taylah Davis; Rose Gibb; Rebekah Faucette; Anthony Lombo; Declan Thompson

Bouncing Baby Born!

It is with great delight that we share the news that Mrs Lesley-Ann Hardy has welcomed the early arrival of a baby girl. Jacinta Lesley-Ann Hardy arriving 11:13 pm 10/4/18  weighing 3. 9kg and measuring 54cm long. We know that all the ACC community will share our joy at this news and pray for God’s care and provision for  little Jacinta and the rest of the Hardy family.

Staff tying the knot!

Congratulations to Ms Bec Davis and Ms Gabrielle Baker who each will be getting married over the non-term break. We wish them and their new husbands every joy and blessing as they commit to each other before God in marriage and commit their futures to God in faith.

Over hill and over dale

Please remember that the School Cross Country will be held during the first week of next term. The next few weeks could be a great time to train up and improve your endurance ready to the event.

Please see our PDHPE staff Mr Keith or Mr Hearsey for detailed information.

Primary Take 2

Secondary Information

Information for parents regarding changes to NAPLAN’s link to the Minimum Standards

Supervisor Learner Driver Workshops:

If you have a learner driver in the family or will soon be supervising an L Plater then you should come along to our FREE Supervising Learner Drivers workshop.

We will be hosting this free two-hour presentation at school on Wednesday 16 May from 6.30-8.30pm. The session offers practical advice and information to parents/carers and supervisors on how to help Learner drivers become safer drivers. The presentation will provide information to help you:

  • Understand the Graduated Licensing Scheme and the current laws of L and P licence holders.
  • Complete the Learner Driver log book.
  • Understand the benefits of supervised, on-road driving experience.
  • Improve awareness of young driver issues.
  • Minimise the number of hours you need to supervise your young driver through the Safer Drivers Course and professional driving lessons.

Register your attendance here

Secondary Take 2

Upcoming Events

  • First Day of Term 2: 30th April
  • Students in winter uniform: 30th April
  • 7- 12 ANZAC assembly: 2nd May
  • Secondary Cross-Country: 3rd May
  • Parent Connect Morning Tea: 4th May
  • Mother’s Day stall: 10th May
  • Mother’s Day breakfast: 11th May
  • Year 12 Reports issued: 11th May
  • Year 7 Vaccinations: 11th May
  • Winter Uniform changeover complete: 14th May
  • Supervisor Learner Drivers Workshop: 16th May
  • NAPLAN: 15 - 18 May
  • Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews: 12th May
  • Year 9 camp: 6- 9 June
  • DE Residential Camp: 18-22 June
  • DE Residential Day School: 25-29 June
  • Last Day of Term 2: 6th June