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Principal’s Comments

The Golden Rule.

It is often difficult to know just where an idea sprang from. There are some things that become so much a part of our culture and mindset that their true origins become forgotten. I remember reading a poster that was making just this point about how much of Shakespeare’s words and phrases have become in such common that no one now knows that he had used them first.

The same is true of our culture’s biblical Christian heritage.

There is so much in Western culture that is taken for granted as simply being good manners or proper values, that is actually derived from the teachings of Jesus.

“Treat others as you would have them treat you”. Known by all as The Golden Rule, this is actually a rendering of Jesus’ teaching in the sermon of the Mount recorded in Matthew Chapter 7. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt 7:12)

This may have become so culturally familiar to our ears, even if it is not so well practiced, that we can fail to recognise what a radical idea it really was and still is!

“Treat others as you would have them treat you”.

Not as they deserve.
Not according to their social status.
Not according to their worth or their power.
Not so you can get from them some favour or advantage.
Not even in kind for how they have first acted to you.

The focus of our conversation with students across the school this week has been around respecting others. Advice about how students can do this has included that they follow this Golden Rule. Not, however, because it is the Golden Rule of our culture, but because it is the essence of Jesus teaching about how we should  behave to each other.

It is a simple statement but an ambitious goal. What if our playgrounds and classrooms were filled with people treating each other in the way they themselves wanted to be treated. Listened to; included; protected; understood, encouraged; supported; celebrated.

That’s the sort of school - the sort of society - I think we would all like to be part of.

2018 Whole School Information

Audit of Family Information

It is essential that we have accurate records about  your family and about your child/ren. This allows us to be confident that we know how to appropriately care for them and to communicate with you.

As part of our movement to a new School Management System involving a new database, in in preparation for our launch later in the year of a Parent Portal, we are undertaking a wholescale audit of all the Family Information held by the school for each of our families.

This will involve you being issued with a hardcopy record of the information currently held in the database about your family, with a request for you to return to us either confirmation of the accuracy of that information or an update to the information we have on record.

Thank you in advance for your cooperative help in this major undertaking.

Student Services

Occupational Therapy

Ms Lauren Hills is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist working with Rosier Paediatric Occupational Therapy practice. Rosier Paediatric OT provides services to a range of local schools and pre-schools. Lauren is working at Australian Christian College each Wednesday, offering on site assistance for students who require additional support in developing fine and gross motor skills, social skill development, co-ordination and learning difficulties. Services are also provided to children who face challenges with sensory integration, experience visual motor impairments, and who require school readiness preparation. If you are interested in accessing these services please liaise with Mrs Kwok or Mrs Smythe.


 Mrs Sarina is a qualified psychologist who offers her services to the school each Friday fortnight to meet with and provide counselling services to students on site. Mrs Sarina offers help across a range of areas including managing anxiety and stress; strategies to assist self regulation; managing social and emotional issues; maintaining concentration and motivation. There is no charge for accessing counselling services and parents may refer their child to Mrs Sarina by contacting Mrs Kwok to arrange a counselling appointment with Mrs Sarina.

Learning Support

Mrs Brenda Smythe leads our Learning Support program. She holds Masters level qualifications in Special Education and broad experience in teaching. Mrs Smythe offers assistance in identifying students learning needs, including in curating for use by the school information and reports from outside specialists; collaborating with teachers and families in developing appropriate strategies to cater for individual learning needs, and actively participating in the provision of specialised learning programs for students. Mrs Smythe can be contacted via School Reception.

Meet the Teacher - Wednesday 21st March

Among the key principles on which we at Australian Christian College Marsden Park  base our approach to education is the understanding that as an expression of community teachers work in cooperation and in collaboration with parents in the education of young people. This includes in our commitment to their holistic development.

To foster that collaboration and to allow good communication between the teacher and the parent/carer of a student we invite you attend a meeting with your child’s Class/Homeroom teacher.

The teacher you will meet in this interview is the key person in the school engaged in matters of welfare and personal development of your child. It will be chance to talk about how your child is progressing socially and emotionally. At this relatively early stage of the year these interviews are not intended to address academic progress or achievement - these important topics will be the focus of Semester Reports and Parent-Teacher Interviews.

You will have already received an email with a link to the interview booking system. Please do take up this opportunity of helping is work together to support your child’s development.

Let’s Keep our Students Looking Sensational!

All students are expected to wear the Australian Christian College uniform correctly throughout their years at the College..

The school uniform is a visible representation of the standards expected of students at ACC and plays an important role in reinforcing a positive culture within the school.

It also creates a sense of identity and pride among the students and wider school community, and helps students learn the importance of appropriate presentation.

The College's uniform requirements and guidelines, including requirements related to hair length and styling, can be found on our website at the following address:


We ask all parents and caregivers to cooperate by ensuring that their children enrolled at the College are meeting these uniform and personal presentation requirements.

ACER Testing

Learning requires change in what a student knows or can do. Understanding from what place a student starts in their learning is vital to be able to develop an appropriately scaffolded pathway for them to extend their knowledge and deepen their understanding. This is a large part of the in-class assessments that teachers use in their teaching.

To support these in-class assessments it is also extremely helpful for teachers to know students existing knowledge and understanding of general skills and competencies.

The Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) is a national organisation that produces a series of standardised tests that provide information on student performance across a range of essential foundational skills and knowledge.

We use data from the results of these tests to enrich our understanding of what our students know and can do and therefore our ability to respond in catering for their particular learning needs.

There is no pass or fail in these tests.

On Monday 12th - Wednesday 13th March students in Years 1-10 will be participating in a series of these ACER standardised tests in numeracy, vocabulary, and comprehension. The students will access the tests online, using their own devices during regular class time. The information provided by this program will enable teachers to better identify students’ learning needs and develop learning programs in response.

HSC Minimum Standards

During the last fortnight the Education Minister announced a change to policy regarding the connection between Year 9 NAPLAN results and the recently introduced Minimum Standards of Literacy and Numeracy for the HSC.

The Minister announced that Year 9 NAPLAN results will no longer be connected with the minimum standards.

Importantly this announcement does not do away with the requirement for students to meet minimum standards in literacy and numeracy for eligibility for the HSC. Rather, students will be able to demonstrate meeting those standards by accessing an online test at whatever point during Year 10, Year 11, or Year 12 at which they are deemed by their teachers to be ready.

This approach retains the importance of minimum standards for the HSC credential while providing for a more flexible and individualised way of demonstrating them.

The announcement on the NSW Education Standards Authority website about these changes can be accessed by this link.


Cyber Safety

The virtual world is a reality of modern life for all of us - our young people included. It is a part of their social world and of their learning world. For all of us this space can bring great advantage and opportunity for benefit but it also holds significant dangers. As a Christian community we intend assisting us all to navigate this new and emerging space with integrity, with respect, and in safety.

Unfortunately our young people are often most vulnerable or at risk.

Recently our Year 7 and 8 students participated in a workshop presentation by our local Police Cyber Crime unit that focussed on strategies for protecting personal information and identity online; reducing the risk of unwanted or inappropriate contact or communication from others; and about our legal protections related to online activity.

We encourage you as parents to be active in conversation with your children about their involvement and activity online.

To support you in this, we have arranged for a parent appropriate presentation to be made by the Cyber Crime officers.

This Cyber Safe presentation will be component of the Parent Connect scheduled for the evening of Wednesday 28th March, from 7:00 pm.

We would encourage you to attend to learn how you can better support your children in making safe, sensible decisions about their online activities.


As mentioned in our last newsletter Australian Christian College is a BYOD school. The implication of this is that an increasing part of every student’s learning will require that they have access to our online courses and activities as well as to the internet. It is there essential that every student have an individual device that they can bring each day, to each lesson.

If this requirement places you in difficulty, please contact Mrs Kwok in the first instance to discuss the situation further.

Drop off & pick up procedures - update

In our last newsletter we noted that a review was being undertaken as to the best way in which we could all better ensure the safety of our students during the hectic periods during drop off and pick up.

While that review is being done can we ask a few simple requests.

Please avoid stopping or parking in the area at the front of the school immediately adjacent to the school driveway. This area is set aside for access by the buses that require quite a big space to fully pull in off the road to collect students.

Please avoid making u-turns across Farm Rd in front of the school during the peak period between 8:15 - 8:35.am and 2:45 - 3:00 pm.  

Please closely supervise children and carefully escort them if you need to cross Farm Rd during this period.

Thank you for both your cooperation and assistance.

ELEVATE Education Handbook

Please find a link to the Parent Support Handbook here.

This is provided to parents as part of their program in our school supporting our students in their academic development. The parent handbook provides a  summary for parents outlining some of the key ways in which parents can also support academic development and achievement.. These include advice for parents on:

  • The Study Environment
  • Managing Distractions
  • Time Management
  • Effective Note Taking


In a new initiative for 2018, Year 12 will be marking the conclusion of their formal studies at Australian Christian College Marsden Park with a Graduation Ceremony at school on their last official day as students of the College - Thursday 27th September.

A graduation dinner will be held that evening at the Waterview in Bicentennial Park to celebrate the occasion.

The College looks forward with anticipation to being able to honour our graduating Year 12 students.

Primary Take 2

Secondary Take 2

Secondary Curriculum - Assessment Calendars

We understand tracking assessment tasks for Year 7-12 students can be a challenge. These big tasks, listed in the Student Assessment Schedule, will often be completed over a number of weeks and involve strict deadlines. In order to help you in supporting your child, we have setup a Google Assessment Calendar for each year group. These calendars will contain the published assessment task for each year group and course, and is updated one term in advance.

Please subscribe to this google calendar so you can help your child complete their assessment tasks on time and without undue stress. Once you have added your child’s calendar via a desktop computer, it will be accessible on any device via your google account.

7 Assessment Calendar

8 Assessment Calendar

9 Assessment Calendar

10 Assessment Calendar

11 Assessment Calendar

12 Assessment Calendar

Upcoming Events

Next 2 weeks:

  • Years 7-11 Progress Reports: 16th March
  • Yr 7-12 Parent / Homeroom Teacher Interviews: 21st March
  • Parent Connect Evening Session:
    - 28th March Evening Session 7-8:30pm

Later this term:

  • Next Parent Connect Session 6th April
  • K-12 Meet the Teacher Night - 21st March
  • Year 12 Mid-Course Exams: 23-29 March
  • CSSA Secondary State Swimming: 26th March
  • Easter Long Weekend: 30th March - 2nd April
  • Parent Connect - Morning Session - 6th April
  • Distance Education Residential Week - 9th - 13th April
  • Year 11 & 12 Leadership Camp - 9-11 April
  • Last day of Term 1: 13th April