Principal’s Comments

Welcome to [email protected] 2nd Edition

This week the world paused  while as people from varied backgrounds and of varying beliefs remembered the extraordinary life of Billy Graham. Probably the most well known Christian Preacher - possibly the most well known Christian person - of the 20th Century, Billy Graham had an enormous impact on the world.

One of the striking features of Billy Graham’s ministry was his ability to cut to the chase and to break things down to their most fundamental. Listening to Billy Graham’s messages you could not help but be struck with the simplicity of the Gospel and of the life of faith. So often he simply asked the question “If the bible is true - if Jesus is who he claims to be - what are you going to do about it?”

That simple question ripples throughout our lives and cuts through the arguments we might put up suggesting that faith and a life of faith is a complex and complicated affair.

The real power of the question is that presses us to action - “what are you going to do?” Billy Graham was often asking for an actual response at a rally, to take the action of going forward to make a decision to come to Christ.

For many of us who have already made that decision, the question is asked of us every day - “what are we going to do about it?” In 2 Peter 3:1-12 we find that the bible asks the same basic question, “If the promises of God are true, what sort of people ought we be in how we act and speak?”

As a staff we have been talking with each other and with the students about the importance of acting out our faith; of turning our words and professions into actions and behaviour. This aligns in a very personal way with one of our annual priorities we have set for our community - consistency between what we say and what we do.

My hope and my prayer is that we never fail to notice, to commend, and to celebrate the many examples we see every day in our community of people putting their faith into actions of love and care, respect, responsibility, kindness, and service and that we never stop reminding each other of how we can do those things better.

2018 Whole School Information


As a community of teachers and support staff we are keen to explore new ways of effectively communicating with you about the information you need to know and about the things we think you will find interesting about our school. Some of those initiatives include our Take 2 Video reviews for Primary and Secondary. Others include our use of Facebook and other social media channels.

We are working hard to make sure that we have contact details correctly recorded for each and every family. If you believe you are not receiving communication from the school as you should, please contact us so we can check or update that information.

May we also remind you that with the strengthening of the roles of our Home Room Teachers across the school that these staff members would normally be your first point of contact in regard to communication about your son or daughter. Home Room Teachers can be contacted by email using the  structure <[email protected]>.

Our teaching team is featured on the school website.

Meet our new Staff

Ben Speechly

Ben Speechly completed a degree in science at the University of New South Wales, including a short research placement in a pharmaceutical chemistry laboratory. He furthered his qualifications with a teaching degree from the University of New England, specialising in science and mathematics. Ben is an avid musician and loves coordinating music at his local church and is honoured to be providing piano accompaniment for music groups at Australian Christian College. He also plays community soccer and enjoys finding God in the natural world.

Lachlan McLean

Lachlan teaches in our primary school. He is interested in creating authentic learning experiences that require his students to think deeply about actual problems that they will need to deal with growing up in the 21st Century. He aims to create fun and engaging learning environments that help his students to understand that failure is just a stage of learning and that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

Brittany Zampetides

Brittany completed a Bachelor of Dance Education at the Australian College of Physical Education where she studied her two main passions; sport and dance. She later went on to complete her Masters in Special Education and is now teaching PDHPE at ACC.

Brittany is passionate about helping students strive to be their personal best and feels extremely blessed to work at a school that enables her to share the love of Christ with her students.

Sarah Aydin

Sarah teaches technology in our high school and she is also a homeroom teacher for Year 7. After completing high school, Sarah studied design and architecture at UTS. While working in architecture, she felt called by God to move into teaching. Sarah servces in the youth ministery at her church.

Emily Peisley

Emily teaches in our primary school. Prior to joining ACC, she was the Children’s Minister in her church. She has completed a Master’s of Primary Education at Alphacrucis College. Outside of school & church life, Emily enjoys dance and playing sport.

Tim Hiller

Tim joined our school in the middle of 2017 as a maternity leave replacement for Mrs. Tay and we would like to welcome him as full time teacher commencing this year. Prior to joining our school, Tim was the Centre Manager for the Inspire Program Australia and a Development Officer for AFL NSW. He loves serving in the music ministry at his church and he is very passionate about sport.

Jacqueline Smith (not pictured)

Jacqui is working as the Literacy Coordinator for our school. She has over ten years experience in education and she has most recently worked in the Literacy Team at Mamre Anglican College. Outside of school, Jacqui is a busy mum and she loves sport and music.


Information from Busways: Additional Morning bus from Riverstone Station

On Monday 28th February 2018, School Bus 6013 will begin to operate to Australian Christian College as an additional service from Riverstone Station to the school.

This bus will depart from Riverstone Station at 8:02am and operate via (R) Garfield Rd West

(R) Cemetery Rd (L) Walker Parade (R) Cleveland Rd (L) Farm Rd arriving at the school at 8:11am.

Route 757 will continue to operate between Riverstone Station to Australian Christian College departing the station at 8:05am.

For further information please contact Busways Customer Service on 9497 1878.

Alternatively visit our website at

Drop off & pick up procedures

In our first newsletter we reminded you about the necessary care that we all need to take in regard to the movement of people and vehicles during drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon. In that reminder we included a diagram that had been developed to provide some specific advice about some of those arrangements.

We have received some helpful feedback in regard to some continuing and some emerging issues related to traffic and people flow at these times. As a result we are undertaking a further review of procedures for afternoon pick-up with the view to making that more safe for students and more efficient for parents.

Thank you both for your comments and your patience as we develop a refined procedure.

ELEVATE Education Handbook

Among the outcomes of education that are important to us is academic success. As a school this is definitely an area of students’ development that we are committed to supporting. Especially as a Christian School. We believe that God requires all of us to give our best in whatever we are doing. For our teachers that is doing their best to teach well; for our students it is giving their best in their learning. The result should be effective learning leading to academic success. But not for its own sake or only as a ticket to a good life or profitable career. Rather, academic success comes from using our time and our talents wisely.

Parents attending Elevate Education Seminar

To support this part of our school’s goals we have been using the expertise of a company called Elevate Education. Elevate have delivered seminars to each Year in Secondary school and have presented at each of the Parent Information evenings.

As part of their program in our school they are providing a summary handbook to parents outlining some of their key recommendations. These include advice for parents on:

  • The Study Environment
  • Managing Distractions
  • Time Management
  • Effective Note Taking

Please find a link to the Parent Support Handbook here.


In our last newsletter I noted the decision that has been made previously for Australian Christian College Marsden Park to be Bring Your Own Device learning community and that is was essential for every student to have a device that would allow them to access their learning program and resources.

The teaching staff have found in the intervening weeks that a number of students have yet to bring a device of their own. This will significantly impair those student’s ability to complete the work and activities that have been planned and prepared for them to maximise their learning.

Can I ask that if you are yet to make arrangements for your child to have a device that they can bring to and use at school that you make that a priority.

If you would like advice about the type of device that would be best, please don’t hesitate to to contact reception and we will do all we can to guide you. If you have any other concerns about meeting this requirement, please make arrangements to come and talk with us.

Primary Take 2

Secondary Take 2

Secondary Curriculum - Assessment Calendars

We understand tracking assessment tasks for Year 7-12 students can be a challenge. These big tasks, listed in the Student Assessment Schedule, will often be completed over a number of weeks and involve strict deadlines. In order to help you in supporting your child, we have setup a Google Assessment Calendar for each year group. These calendars will contain the published assessment task for each year group and course, and is updated one term in advance.

Please subscribe to this google calendar so you can help your child complete their assessment tasks on time and without undue stress. Once you have added your child’s calendar via a desktop computer, it will be accessible on any device via your google account.

7 Assessment Calendar

8 Assessment Calendar

9 Assessment Calendar

10 Assessment Calendar

11 Assessment Calendar

12 Assessment Calendar


In a new initiative for 2018, Year 12 will be marking the conclusion of their formal studies at Australian Christian College Marsden Park with a Graduation Ceremony at school on their last official day as students of the College - Thursday 27th September.

A graduation dinner will be held that evening at the Waterview in Bicentennial Park to celebrate the occasion.

The College looks forward with anticipation to being able to honour our graduating Year 12 students.

Distance Education

Our first Online School Residential for 2018 was held early in the term. Students and staff made our way to Toukley Camp. Blessed with glorious weather we set about learning in the two key learning areas of English and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

It is always interesting to see how some students prefer different learning styles. This week we had opportunity to allow for flexibility in learning. The Maths of STEM, was taught through calculating areas of various pieces of furniture to be fitted into a tiny house, scale models of which were constructed throughout the week.

Short story writing was the basis for the English unit. We began by developing characters, from which students developed a theme, plot and setting. Going on to identify two critical climaxes to be included in their stories, and brought it all together with the resolution of the issues involved. In the next few weeks I hope to be able to put together an anthology of their work.

The learning environment allowed for students to choose to work at desks, sprawled across the lawn or in small groups in the shade of trees.

Other activities included Flying fox, Raft building (not very successfully I might add), Archery, Quad bikes and a walk to the Norah Head lighthouse. I cannot praise the engagement and behaviour of the students enough. It was truly a pleasure to be with them.

Miss Gluskie has joined the team and along with Mr Hastie, entered into all the activities with gusto. Regrettably I did not get a photo of Miss Gluskie falling from her sinking raft or of Mr Hastie hooning on the quad bikes.

Barb Howard

Acting Head of Distance Education

Upcoming Events

Next 2 weeks:

  • Parent Connect Session: 2nd March
  • CSSA Primary State Swimming: 5th March
  • Athletics Carnival: 8th March

Later this term:

  • Next Parent Connect Sessions:
    - 28th March Evening Session 7-830pm
    - 6th April
  • Years 7-11 Progress Reports: 16th March
  • Yr 7-12 Parent / Homeroom Teacher Interviews: 21st March
  • Year 12 Mid-Course Exams: 23-29 March
  • CSSA Secondary State Swimming: 26th March
  • Easter Long Weekend: 30th March - 2nd April
  • Last day of Term 1: 13th April