Principal’s Comments

What a fortnight it has been for our school!

Many of us have been able to get out to enjoy the ACC Showcase musical that has had a wonderful season over the the last 2 weeks. What a Showcase it was!So many of our students were able to display their gifts and talents - and not only those on stage in the spotlight. The Showcase served as an avenue where the full range of talents and abilities of a diverse collection of students was celebrated by our community.

While Showcase obviously provided for the singers and the dancers talents to be on display, there were other students whose talents were expressed in being part of the band; or as a member of the stage crew managing props; or managing the microphones and sound; or running part of the lighting display.

Showcase was not only about performance - it was also about learning.

That learning included learning the songs, dances and routines of the show. It also included the technical aspects of performing but the learning was so much more than that.

Through Showcase, students learned about themselves - what they were good at and what others were good at. They learned about trusting each other and about bearing the responsibility of others trusting them.They learned about how they handled pressure, frustration, and disappointment. They learned to celebrate with applause for others and to know their value beyond any public recognition.

It is these parts of undertaking something like Showcase that represent in a very practical way the beliefs that our school holds about the nature of learning and of education. Our school’s prioritising of Showcase, like the prioritising of STEM, or of sport, lies in our fundamental understanding of what education is all about - the forming of whole people as image bearers of the creator.

Because of this fundamental belief about the nature of humanity as bearing the image of the Creator, we are committed to an education that provides for every student and nurtures every part of that humanity.

We are not a Performing Arts School but we value the Arts because it is part of the humanness we all share.

We are not a Technology School but we value STEM because it relates to our shared call to engage intelligently and innovatively with the world.

We are not a Sports School but we value athleticism because of our christian appreciation for health and wellbeing.

We are not a Grammar School but we do pursue and celebrate academic excellence.

In other words, we do not see education as a means to an end, whether that end be success in a career, achievement in a field of endeavour, or even acclaim amongst our peers. For us, education is about becoming the people we are intended to be, living in the relationships with others that we were intended to have, engaging optimistically in crafting society in ways that allow this same opportunity for growth in others.

I am excited to be part of a Christian community that is so intent on pursuing education that is consistent with this deep understanding of who we each are and what we are called by our Creator to become together. May we each find inspiration to play what part we can or to do what is required to make this our shared experience.

Whole School Information

Make a note in your calendar

Our end of year Primary and Secondary assemblies as well as our full school Celebration will be held on 12 December.The assemblies will be held during the day and the full school Celebration will be held in the evening. More details will follow.

What’s been happening

Update on Trial of On-site Lunches

Last week saw the first day of operation for our on-site lunch order venture and it was a great success.We were delighted with the school community's response to this new 'canteen' service.The fried rice with chicken was definitely the most popular choice on the menu followed closely by toasted sandwiches and burgers.It is great to be able to utilise the newly refurbished food tech kitchen for our budding canteen.We are looking forward to expanding our menu and days of operation next term, but this does depend entirely upon demand for this service.

This canteen not only provides a service to our students and staff, but it also brings an opportunity for others in the school community to get involved.It could be as little as 2 hours once a month, or 4 hours a week.You don't have to be a Masterchef to be involved either!If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about what's involved in volunteering please contact Mrs Sam Crowe at [email protected]

During the rest of term 3 the on-site lunch orders are available on a Thursday.The off-site made lunch orders are available on a Monday and Friday.

Distance Education (DE) Residential Program held at Riverstone

Winter ended last Friday, as did the last Distance Education Residential session for 2018. In the past month nearly 200 students have met together for some face to face teaching and great opportunities for socialising and working in teams.

We welcomed Mrs Adele Lockman to the team for the first time and she was a great hit with her instruction and demonstration of “Aussie Bollywood Dancing”. There was lots of laughter from all age groups as they all learned the routines and danced to near exhaustion.

The focus of the ‘Residentials’ this term was The Arts and HPE/Dance. Students made masks in primary school and puppets in high school, furthering their endeavours by script writing for their puppet show.

We were blessed by great weather, a little brisk but sunny, which allowed us to do much of the messy work outside. As always, each day began with devotions.A big thank you to Mr Hastie for taking on the role of sharing the gospel each morning.

Many of our students are from isolated communities and Residential sessions are an opportunity to spend a week in the suburbs and to catch up with old friends and make new ones too.

Please continue to pray for our students and their families as they continue their education with our Online Program.

A Message from our Showcase Directors/Producers

This year's showcase has come to an end but the memories of this production will last a lifetime. It was another huge display of the enormous talent at ACC! What a blessing it is to watch the young men and women of God at our College thrive in an environment that is not only so much fun, but facilitates the display of talent that can also bring such joy to our community. This year's showcase was an absolute honour and privilege to be a part of. The students involved are not only immeasurably talented but also demonstrated a real love for one another as they built something collaboratively that each and every one of them could be proud of.After months of rehearsal and a fabulous season, we can safely say that this year's showcase has been the best yet!

Our warmest thanks are extended to our phenomenal showcase team. Mrs White for her set, prop and costume design that is second to none.Mrs McCumiskey for her enthralling choreography that had us dancing our way out of C1.Mrs Edwards for her smooth skills in managing our backstage crew. Miss Mayo for making sure our primary school cast members shone onstage.Mr Andrew Reitsma for lighting up our lives...and the stage!Mrs Debbie Truman and Mrs Cara Schepel for ensuring the cast were well fed in between shows.Mr Corr for being an incredible surprise cast member and last but not least, our fabulous cast.Thank you for lending this community your outrageous talents - we are so thankful to God for each of you.

Until next year!

Mr David & Mrs Emma Russell

Oztag Gala Day

On Wednesday August 29, ACC sent two teams to participate in the CSSA Secondary Oztag Gala Day. Each team was required to play a number of games against other Christian Schools from across NSW.

Both our teams demonstrated outstanding teamwork and great effort all day. Special mention to our girls team who managed to win half of their games.

BStreet Smart Year 11 Excursion

On Thursday 30th August, Year 11 had the opportunity to attend the BStreet Smart Event in Olympic Park at Qudos Bank Arena. BStreet Smart is the inspiring initiative of the Trauma Service at Westmead Hospital. Their aim is to reduce the fatality and injury rates of young people on our roads by promoting safe behaviour as drivers, riders and passengers. Students learned about the impact of dangerous/distracted driving and the consequences for those directly and indirectly involved in a crash. This was a very informative excursion that was very thought-provoking for our Year 11 students.

Father’s Day Breakfast and Footy Colours Day

Our annual Father's Day Breakfast combined with Footy Colours Day was held on Thursday 30th August. Despite the chilly start to the day, the smell of delicious bacon, sausages, onions and egg on the BBQ helped create a warm atmosphere. It was wonderful to see such a large crowd of students accompanied by their father’s, grandfather’s, uncle’s and friends. The morning was filled with good conversations and an opportunity to celebrate the men in the lives of our students at ACC.

We hope all the fathers had a wonderful day. We also thank all the teachers who put in the effort to organise the Father’s Day Breakfast!With everyone dressed in their favourite sports team colours for the day, we raised money to support Fight Cancer Foundation.  Thank you everyone for your support of this day.

Shift - All Year 7-12 students welcome!

Last term, our Ministry team organised a wonderful event for our Secondary School students called SHIFT (Seeking Him in Faithless Times). Next Thursday, the 13th of September, this event will be held again for all students in Years 7-12. We have a guest pastor coming to speak to our students from the Word. There will also be a time for worship and a panel discussion on the night. Students should make sure they arrive from 5pm for a BBQ dinner and a 5:45 session start and will finish at 8pm. There is no cost involved for this event. We are prayerfully upholding this night and all students involved.

Careers - serving our students’ interests in the future!

Our provision of an effective Careers serviceto students has taken another step forward. During the fortnight just passed we were able to host a representative from Notre Dame University Sydney. While most famously associated as one the the Ivy League Universities in the USA, Notre Dame has a had local presence in Australia for over a decade, offering a growing range of courses and flexible entry pathways. The session, presented to students in Years 10-12 , provided students with valuable information and new perspective on study after school and of how to get to there. Thanks to Mrs Parker for facilitating this very helpful careers event.

ACC Careers Website

We hope you have had a chance to check out our new Careers page on our website. There is a wealth of facts, information and advice including links to resources and providers.Support and advice is also available through the Student Services Hub.

The link for the ACC Careers website is:

Our Take 2 videos are featuring Father’s Day and Footy Colours Day as well as our K-12 Showcase.Enjoy watching.

Take 2 Primary

Secondary Take 2

Upcoming Events

  • Monday 10 September Year 12 Kickstart Chemistry Sydney University Excursion
  • Tuesday 11 September Year 9 and 10 Geography Excursion to Sydney Olympic Park
  • Wednesday 12 September Drama Club 12.30pm - 1.10pm
  • Thursday 13 September Stage 2 Geography Excursion to Blacktown Showground
  • Friday 14 September Yr 8 Geography Excursion to Katoomba
  • 17 September Year 11 Study Day, no Year 11 classes held on this day
  • 18 - 21 September Year 11 Preliminary Exams
  • 20 -21 September Western Sydney STEM F1 in Schools Regional Finals
  • Wednesday 19 September Primary Incursion, Musica Viva
  • Friday 21 September Year 12 Maths Luna Park Excursion