Principal’s Comments

The Other Guys

A recent movie carried this title; ”The Other Guys”. It was a story about two policemen who never seemed to be able to crack the big cases and who were never really considered to be “successes”.

I was reminded of this as I listened recently to a sermon that was looking ata series of “Other Guys” stories in the bible and there are plenty of them.Stories of unknown ordinary people who played part roles in the unfolding of the important narrative of God’s purposes.

One good example included in the message I listened to was about Paul’s escape from his enemies in Damascus. Outraged by Paul’s preaching, the religious leaders of Damascus made plans to track Paul down and kill him. Paul was hiding out in the home of one of the Christians of the town. As the religious leaders stood guard on every gate out of the city, everyone realised that Paul was trapped - there was no way out!A couple of faithful believers, whose names we never know and whose other ministry we never hear of, lowered Paul in a basket down the outside of the city wall to freedom. From here Paul went on to preach in all the major cities, to convert thousands of people to faith in Jesus, and to write almost half of the New Testament.In many ways the actions of those two disciples were essential in God’s plan, their simple action of holding a rope.

The famous chapter in the book of Hebrews on faith, the one that lists the “Heroes of Faith” and names the great characters of Jewish history - Noah, Abraham, Moses - as examples of achieving marvelous feats through faith filled living, ends with “the other guys”.

In verse 36 of that chapter, talk about “the others” whose names are not recorded, who are not included in the lists of the great and famous, whose lives were not full of victories and celebrated achievement but who were just as much known and celebrated by God.

In our own times, in our own communities, and in our own circle of friends it can be tempting to think that unless we are ”achieving” great and glorious things for God or are fulfilling important prominent work for Him, that we are less important or less valuable.Nothing could be further from the truth.

The key message of being a follower of Jesus is that even in the smallest and simplest ways we can make a difference for God.Maybe some of us are called by God to be great influential leaders like Moses, or Abraham or Paul.Some of us may be asked by God to “just hold a rope” but even that simple task can be vitally important to what God is doing.

If you are one of “the other guys”, take heart, do your bit, and know that without it and without you, God’s plans may not go as easily or as effectively.

Whole School Information

Choose Your Session and Mark Your Calendars - “Showcase” is coming!

One of the most anticipated events in the ACC annual schedule will very soon be upon us. The annual Creative Arts Showcase is a spectacular compilation of singing, dancing, and drama that includes dozens of our talented community members.

Students are already well into rehearsals, while the staff involved in producing and directing the show are working every spare lunchtime and after school to be ready. All reports are that this year may be the best Showcase yet!

With 6 performances to choose over 26, 27, and 28 August and 4, 5, and 6 September there is no excuse to miss this wonderful community experience.

Tickets are on sale and will be managed by Mrs Parker.

Tickets can be booked online through the following link:


Please contact her at [email protected] for all enquiries.

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data

ACC is committed to addressing the individual needs of all students. The decision as to what and how much support or adjustment a student requires at school is based on an analysis of student needs as defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and the Disability Standards for Education 2005. This decision is ultimately determined by individual student needs combined with the professional judgement of school staff, ongoing collaborative consultation with families, and a review of any specialist diagnostic information.

This month, the Australian Christian College - Marsden Park participated in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD), an annual Federal Government initiative. The aim of this collection is to count the number of school students receiving an adjustment in their learning activities due to some type of disability. The information provided includes students’ year of schooling, the primary domain of disability (cognitive, social & emotional, physical or sensory) and the level of adjustments (quality differentiated teaching practice, supplementary, substantial or extensive) they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students. The data is de-identified so that no student names or identifying information is provided to the Australian Government, Department of Education.

The Australian Government Department of Education will use the information collected for the purposes of preparing reports for briefing Education Ministers, policy development and from 2018, the student with disability loading to school funding provided by the Government will be based on the national data collection.

If you have any questions about the 2018 NCCD, please contact Mrs. Brenda Smythe on 9421 7111 or [email protected] information about this collection can be found at

Father’s Day Events - August 30 & 31

At ACC we love to celebrate the significant men in our community. One of the ways we like to honour our men is to hold events to recognise Father’s Day. This year we will be running two events:

  1. Our Father’s Day Breakfast will be held on Thursday 30th August for men and students.
  1. Father’s Day Stall will be held on Friday 31st August so that students can purchase gifts.

Planning for 2019 - Important Notice for Siblings

We have just concluded our very successful public Open Day, welcoming a number of visitors making enquiries about enrolling into various year groups for 2019.

If you have a child that you are planning to enrol in any of our classes in 2019 please submit an application or contact us to let us know about your interest. That way we can ensure we hold a place for the siblings of any existing students, who we would want to welcome as “official” members of our community.

Planning for 2019 - Trial of On-site Lunches

As we prepare for the new year, one of the projects we are looking at is the provision of a lunch order service on site.

In order for us to gather the necessary information about how that might look and work, we are trialling a lunch order service for Thursday’s for the rest of this term.

Depending on the success of the trial we may increase and extend the service to other days as well.Further detail will beprovided about the proposed menu and the ordering process early next week.

We invite you to support this initiative which we hope will be a useful service to our families.

Student Hub

Our Student Hub commenced operation from the beginning of the term. It has already proven to have improved the access of students to the services and support they need to engage with school more effectively. There are still some processes to refine and some kinks to iron out, but the benefits of this innovation are already obvious and have drawn positive feedback from staff and students.

Uniform Reminders!

We are well into Term 3 and it has been encouraging to see how many of our students are coming to school wearing their uniform so well and with such pride.

Parents, thank you for your patience as we have worked through some teething issues in our procedures for alerting you each morning of uniform issues involving your child.

Thank you for the cooperation you have shown in helping us keep our standards of presentation consistently high.

Careers - take time to take a look!

We hope you have had a chance to check out our new Careers page. The page provides a wealth of facts, information and advice. There are links to valuable resources and providers, this will be an invaluable support along with the advice that will be available through the Student Services Hub. Access the ACC Careers website through the link below.

Update - Campus Improvements

Student Project - Community Garden

The Community Garden Project is a student initiated project where students saw a need within the school and proposed a creative solution that would solve the issues they saw. The students realised that there was a lack of seating around the school and of the need to beautify the area outside of D Block.

The students investigated various options for seating and plant choice. A class slideshow was put together and students collaborated with information and inspiration as they came to a final design plan in partnership with their teacher.

They used SketchUp to design a model of the post set-out. This model aided us in the calculation of materials required (timber decking, timber screws, termite treated pine for the framing, treated H4 pine for the posts) and the costs.

Under the direction of our contractor, a professional carpenter,students participated in setting out, concreting, fixing the posts and frames.

Over a 4 day project, students continued with the construction of the bench seat which surrounded a garden bed featuring a magnolia tree in the centre surrounded by rosemary, lavender bushes and native grasses.

Students received on-site training and further developed their woodworking skills throughout the course of the construction.

Students attended a local nursery and received guidance from the horticulturalist. They received advice on drought resistant plants, the benefits of ground cover, and the interest created when mixing different plants in terms of height and texture, as well as foliage and flowering species.

The result has been an invaluable hands-on learning experience for the class, improved aesthetics for the community and more facilities for all students.

New Play Space

The removal of the old, tired looking wooden paling fence has opened up a brand new area for our K-6 students to access the area to play. Located directly in front of the MPC and enclosed by a new wire fence, this area provides a safe new area for students to explore and play together. It marks the beginning of what will be the wonderful benefits of us opening up the adjacent block of land as a part of our school facilities and premises.

Congratulations, prayers, and blessings!

Staff News!

Welcome Mrs Sharee Richardson

As part of our review of the operation of our school administration, including the establishment of our Student Hub, we have appointed an Administration Executive to help coordinate the work of our Executive Team and our Administration team. Mrs Richardson started with us this week in this important role. She has a background as a Middle Years teacher in New Zealand before she moved into leading teachers in introducing Learning Technology and then general administration as she moved to Australia.

We are delighted to have Mrs Richardson join the team and are looking forward to the benefit we will enjoy from her many gifts and abilities.

Oliver Burrett Arrives!

We are so delighted to share with you the wonderful news of the safe arrival of Oliver Burrett!

Mrs Burrett and her husband welcomed Oliver on 10th August.

All members of this new family are doing well and thankful for God’s care and blessing

New Counsellor Starts at ACC

Jason Hermawan startedproviding counselling servicesat ACC this month. He is studyinga Masters of Counselling at Excelsia College. We are very pleased tohave Jason as part of the Counselling faculty team, able to work with the amazing young people in the school.

We look forward to Jason making strong and helpful connections with the students of the school across the year groups.

Sport Success

It has been a wonderful athletic season for our school and we have seen great participation from our students and great success on the track and field.

In the past two weeks ACC has competed in the CSSA West Met Primary and Secondary Zone Athletics Carnival. We sent our largest team ever to the secondary carnival (84 students) and had our most successful day ever, with 32 of those students qualifying for the CSSA State Secondary Athletics Carnival which is being held at Sydney Olympic Park on Friday, August 24.

Our primary team also had a great day with 9 qualifying for State. Alex Eason (Year 4) and Chelsea Owusu (Year 5) qualified to represent all of CSSA at the CIS Athletics Championships on September 13 at Sydney Olympic Park. Alex was also awarded Age Champion at the Zone Carnival.

Primary Take 2

Secondary Take 2

Upcoming Events

  • DE Residental at Riverstone
  • Tuesday 28-Thursday 30 August: Performance Showcase
  • Tuesday 4 - Thursday 6 September: Performance Showcase
  • Thursday 30 August: Father’s Day Breakfast
  • Friday 30th August: Footy Colours Day
  • Friday 7 September: Parent Connect