Principal’s Comments

Gideon is one of my favourite character from the Bible.

You remember Gideon - the young guy who led the nation of Israel to a mighty victory over their enemies with an “army” of only 300 volunteer soldiers.

It is an amazing story of transformation that you can read about in the Book Of Judges.

Part of my enjoyment in that story is because its all about the underdog. The Nation of Israel was being severely suppressed and oppressed by the occupying enemy forces. Gideon was only a simple, scared farmer and led a tiny band of untrained men, but won out even though overwhelmingly outnumbered.

But there is much more significant meaning to the story than just that.

It is really a story about the things that God sees that we don’t and the transformation that take place when someone is prepared to follow His lead.

You see, the story starts with Gideon, threshing wheat behind a farm building, in hiding from the Midianites because he was afraid. To anyone looking on he was not the example of a courageous leader who would soon be leading his nation to victory over the very enemies he was hiding from. In fact even Gideon thought he was nothing special. He describes his family as being the poorest of their tribe and himself as being the least in his family. That’s what Gideon could see - it’s what others could see.

But God saw something completely different.

God saw what Gideon would become. When theAngel of the Lord appeared to Gideon he greets him as “you mighty man of valour” and sends him with a mission to deliver Israel from their enemies.

And as Gideon obediently followed the instructions of God, even though at times they did not seem to make logical sense, he won victory after victory and liberated Israel from its enemies.

The key was not just the valour and courage thatthe angel of the Lord saw in Gideon but what was the source of that courage. In Judges Chapter 6 the Angel declares that the Lord was with Gideon and that the Lord was with him in all he was to do. That made the difference.

With the presence, the promise, and the purposeof God Gideon was changed from the least important person in the least important family of its tribe to a man who the while nation wanted to be their king! (Judges 8:22)

I wonder, what does God see in you that others don’t?

What change might be in store for you as you live in the presence of God, believe in the promise of God, and follow the purpose of God for you.

Whole School Information

Choose Your Session and Mark Your Calendars - “Showcase” is coming!

One of the most anticipated events in the ACC annual schedule will very soon be upon us. The annual Creative Arts Showcase is a spectacular compilation of singing, dancing, and drama that includes dozens of our talented community members

Students are already well into rehearsals and the staff producing and directing the show are working every spare lunchtime and after school. All reports are that this year may be the best Showcase yet!

With 6 performances to choose over 28, 29, and 30 August and 4, 5, and 6 September there is no excuse to miss this wonderful community experience

Tickets go on sale next week and will be managed by Mrs Parker.

Tickets can be booked online through the following link


Please contact her at [email protected] for all enquiries.

Stories of Transformation from our Mission Team

During the last week of the break and the first week of term, a group of 10 of our Year 9 and 10 students, including one of our Distance Education students, undertook a journeyto prepare for and participate in a 10 day mission program with the Indigenous community on Palm Island off the coast of North Queensland. The geographical journey took them to new place, to new experiences and to new friends. As marvelous as the adventure was the journey of personal growth and transformation that each member of the Mission was even more valuable and important.

In coming weeks we will hear more about the wonderful stories of God’s provision, protection, and transforming power that the team have to tell.

Planning for 2019 - Important Notice for Siblings

We have just concluded our very successful public Open Day, welcoming a number of visitors making enquiries about enrolling into various Year groups for 2019.

If you you have a child that you are planning to enrol in any of our classes in 2019 please submit an application or contact us to let us know about your interest. That way we can ensure we hold a place for the siblings of any existing students, who we would want to welcome as “official” members of our community

Student Services Hub

Our Student Services Hub commenced operation from the beginning of Term. It has already proven to have improved the access of students to the services and support they need to engage with school more effectively. There are still some processes to refine and some kinks to iron out, but the benefits of this innovation are already obvious and have drawn positive feedback from staff and students.

Uniform Reminders!

The commencement of Term 3 has seen the introduction of our new approach to monitoring uniform.

Parents are being advised by SMS on the day about issues related to uniform involving their children. We continue to work to improve the process and ask for your patient cooperation as we trial and review our systems.

We also invite your cooperation by doing what you can to help your child arrive at school in correct and appropriate uniform.

Talking about uniform - Lost Property

Our Student Hub Administrator Mrs Fantom reports that already she is collecting a large number of items of lost property, mostly items of uniform. Where we can, we undertake to return named items of uniform to those students who have misplaced them. However, a significant number of current items do not appear to have a name tag.

Please check your children’s belongings to be sure that they are clearly and securely labelled and if your child has lost something, do come to the Student Services Hub to look through our collection of lost clothing.

Careers - take time to take a look!

We hope you have had a chance to check out our new Careers page. Providing a wealth of facts, information and advice, and links to valuable resources and providers, this will be an invaluable support to the advice that will be available through the Student Services Hub. Access the ACC Careers website through the link below.

Update - Campus Improvements


After waiting patiently Mrs Truman and her Food Technology students are celebrating using our brand new kitchen teaching and learning space. It is already being put to wonderful use and the quality of the food the students are preparing is outstanding.

The wait has been worth it.

We look forward to hosting you very soon to an official opening event!

Watch out for the invitation.

H Block

Thursday morning saw classes of students lined up against the fence absorbed in watching the installation of 2 new classrooms. These new rooms, to be known as H block, are the first of a series of 5 that will provide additional areas for us to deploy classes in a more consistent manner and to relieve some of congestion that we currently experience.

New Path

The new path has been installed and has been christened by the tread of students since the beginning of Term.

As well as improving the aesthetic of our entry to school it has made a huge difference to the tramping of grass into classrooms.

New Toilets

As our student population has grown significantly, so has the pressure on the campus’s essential infrastructure, such as toilets.

The new building that will completed during 2019 will offer a permanent solution to this issue.

In the interim we have installed new blocks of Male and Female toilets specifically for use by Senior students.

Student Garden Project

In a gesture that makes a very plain and very practical demonstration that we share a sense of community, a group of Year 10 students are undertaking a practical learning project. THe work is progressing well and our garden/seating is taking shape before our very eyes!

Learning-Literacy-Library Area

Reading is crucial for effective learning in all subjects and at all stages. Among the many important ways that schools can support students acquiring strong reading skills and good reading habits, is to have a strong and well presented English curriculum supported by a literacy focus across learning areas.We are thankful for the work of all our teachers in supporting these essential skills.

In addition to this, another way for a school to support students acquire these skills and habits is through targeted literacy programs and through access to reading material.

While our current facilities don’t allow for us to allocate a dedicated single use space as a library we are making a start towards that by making D1 a focus area for English lessons, literacy resources and small-scale library operations. This means that the classroom will remain a teaching space for English classes, but a part of the room will also include resources for literacy support and will accommodate an elementary library of books for browsing and borrowing by students. These simple small beginnings are the first steps towards our plans for a contemporary library functioning as a learning resources centre.

Year 12 Common Room-Study Centre

The installation of the new H Block classrooms has allowed us to reconfigure the use of other learning spaces to improve the effectiveness of the campus.

Room B1 can be recognised as a Year 12 Common-Study Room. This space will be available for Year 12 students during non-face-to-face lessons for study and for completing assigned work . Before School, at recess, at lunch time, and for a period after school the space will be available for Year 12 to use for gathering and socialising. We hope to improve the amenity of the space with some different furnishings over time.

New Walkway Bridge

In a major move to improve movement around the campus a new walkway/bridge has been built in the void between B and C blocks. This provides a direct pathway from the middle lawn through to the back of the campus and avoids directing all student traffic along the narrow corridor between C and D block, which was previously the only connecting route between these parts of the campus. Not only is the new walkway incredibly functional is looks fantastic too.

Improving Security and Supervision with CCTV 

Please be reminded that with changing arrangements to a number of the spaces around the campus we are actively improving security and supervision by using CCTV. This will help us to ensure that students show respect for each other and for the spaces as they are intended to be used.

Staff News!

Congratulations, prayers, and blessings!

At the end of last term we offered special prayers for a number of our staff team who left waiting for the birth of babies.

We are delighted to share with all the ACCMP community the joyful news that during the Term break we had news of the safe arrival of 2 beautiful babies.

Our warmest congratulations to Rev and Mrs Kwok on the arrival of Ava, their 9th (yes - their 9th!) child. Reports from Rev Kwok are that both Ava and Mrs Kwok are doing splendidly.

We are also thrilled to announce the birth of Nahara, a beautiful daughter for Mr Hearsey and his wife.

New Counsellor Starts at ACC

My name is Jason Hermawan and I’m starting my counselling internship at ACC this month. I’m studying Masters of Counselling in Excelsia College and have just began to go into placements. I’m very grateful and excited to have the chance to be part of the lovely faculty team, and to work with the amazing young people in the school. My hope is that my involvement here will help part of the student body to live their fullest lives, and to learn from the many wonderful faculty and students alike. Besides my education, I love to spend my time by going on hikes with my dog, follow the premier league, and attend jazz clubs.

Other Staffing Changes to Note

Mrs Parker is commencing new duties through the Student Services Hub. In addition to administering students’ access to our service such as External Studies and visiting specialsts such the Counsellor, Speech Therapist, and Occupational Therapist, Mrs Parker will be helping to provide increased the Careers Support Information and advice. We encourage students in Years 10, 11, and 12 to actively seek out the information and advice they might need when considering options for their future.

Primary Take 2

Secondary Take 2

Year 12 Trial Exams and Trial Exam Centre

- a dress rehearsal for the HSC

The Year 12 students have been undertaking their Trial HSC exams. This is an important experience both in helping them master the course content but also in practising the experience of the HSC exams.

As part of this trial experience we have been very fortunate to have had our Presiding Officer elect acting as our external supervisor. No doubt having this exposure to the routines and protocols of the exams will be a tremendous help to the students come October the real HSC exam program.

Year 11 biology Excursion to Long Neck Lagoon

Year 11 students experienced a first-hand look at the drought which is affecting NSW. Our annual visit to Longneck Lagoon evidenced a starkly reduced water volume in the catchment area. Our aquatic study was compromised by the need of the park ranger to organise water to be pumped to the observation creek to allow us to undertake the testing of the environment.

Our study was to determine if the compromised environment, situated within confines of Scheyville National Park, is suitable to support a microbat colony. Students engaged in analysis of the available water in addition to the terrestrial environment, including soil pH, available habitat, salt levels and a number of other strategies. They also identified the many signs of human impact in the area.

The combined results will be collated and analysed to determine if the environment can be repaired to support a microbat population.

This study forms a major component of the practical investigations required in the study of Biological Diversity component of the Year 11 Biology Course. This excursion always proves popular with the students as it gives a practical application to the course work.

Upcoming Events

  • 13-17 August: Online Only School Residential - Bluegum Lodge
  • 15 August: Secondary Zone Athletics
  • 17 August: CSSA Primary State Athletics
  • 17 August: Stage 5 and Stage 6 2019 Subject Choices Close
  • 20 August: Book Week
  • 24 August: CSA Secondary State Athletics
  • 24 August: Yr 10 and 11 Vaccinations