Principal’s Comments

What a wonderful term we have enjoyed!

There has been so much that our students have participated in and experienced that have enriched their learning and their community life.

In fact I was asked by another member of staff about what was my highlight from the last term.

My response went something like ….

It would have to be the Yr 8 Video presentations as part of Design and Tech project …. wait …. it would be the Walk For Water event and school lunch afternoon … no … wait…. what about SHIFT - the student led worship night!.... no … wait …. the Year 10 into 11 Subject Selection Expo night …. hang on … what about ……..

And so it went on!

This experience emphasised to me how many good things were happening in our school and how fortunate we are to be “doing school” together.

I recently visited a Year 11 English class to review their project presentations on appropriations of Othello. I was struck by the high quality of their work and of their personal character. I have come to know that this is representative of the very vast majority of students who are making such a positive difference in strengthening our shared school culture.

In Ephesians 4 Paul writes about the essential Christian truth of “body life”. There he notes that the church, as a body, requires “every part” to be contributing to the growth of the whole; that every part supplies a vital element in enabling the whole to grow in grace and love and in truth.

I am very glad that so many in our community contribute their gifts, talents, and abilities to support our corporate growth and improvement.

Please accept my prayers for your own care and protection during the mid year break. Enjoy all the time it provides to be with those you love and care for.

Whole School Information

Student Services Hub

During the mid-semester break a number of changes are being planned for the layout of the administration block to allow us to trial during Term 3, a number of changes to our delivery of administration and other services to students and parents.

Key among these is the introduction of a new “Student Services Hub”.

While the current reception area will remain the point of entrance and connection for parents and visitors, a new entry point will be established for students at the lastdoor at the front of the building. This will be staffed by a Student Hub Administrator who will assist students with administrative matters and with access to other services to support their welfare and their learning. It is at this Service point that students will go for attendance and late notes, to submit items and assignments, for technical support for ICT hardware or accounts, to receive first aid or health care.

In addition the role of Student Services Coordinator will operate from this hub. We are establishing the new role of Student Services Coordinator to facilitate students’ accessing further learning, welfare and support services. This will include,among other things, External Studies Providers, Careers Advice and Support, and appointments for Counselling and Remedial Services.

We believe that these changes will improve our capacity to effectively provide students with the services and support that they need and also improve our engagement with parents and visitors through Reception.

Uniform Reminders!

Our recent Newsletters have included a number of comments related to uniform guidelines and requirements. May I invite you to refer to those items in previous newsletters to be clear in your own understanding of the guidelines and requirements related to all aspects of our College’s uniform.

From the commencement of Term 3, our new approach to monitoring uniform will be implemented.

This will include parents being advised by SMS on the day of uniform issues involving their children and the introduction of restricted access to certain privileges for students where issues are repeated or ongoing.

Careers - take time to take a look!

We hope you have had a chance to check out our new Careers page. Providing a wealth of facts, information, and advice and links to valuable resources and providers, this will be an invaluable support to the advice that will be available through the Learning Services Hub. Access the ACC Careers website through the link below.

Update - Campus Improvements


Each week our long awaited Food Technology teaching and learning space gets a little closer to completion. With the floor now down and the appliances being installed it is looking fantastic and enticingly close to being a wonderful addition to the campus’ facilities.

H Block

Thursday morning saw classes of students lined up against the fence absorbed in watching the installation of 2 new classrooms. These new rooms, to be known as H block, are the first of a series of 5 that will provide additional areas for us to deploy classes in a more consistent manner and to relieve some of congestion that we currently experience.

New Path

The wet winter weather has emphasised the need for us to complete the concrete path running from the entrance along the carpark edge to D Block. Currently students’ shoes get wet as they are forced to cross the areas of damp lawn and carpets are dirtied as students carry wet grass and soil into rooms on their shoes.

The new path will alleviate both of these issues.It is scheduled to be completed before students return for Term 3.

New Toilets

As our student population has grown significantly, so has the pressure on the campus’s essential infrastructure, such as toilets.

The new building that will completed during 2019 will offer a permanent solution to this issue.

In the interim we have installed new blocks of Male and Female toilets specifically for use by Senior students. These will also be available from the start of Term 3.

Student Garden Project

In a gesture that makes a very plain and very practical demonstration that we share a sense of community, a group of Year 10 students are undertaking a practical learning project.

Under the leadership of our Tech Teaching team Mrs Aydin and Mr Howard, students have been analysed the design brief in the specific context, prepared and assessed a range of options and alternative plans for the design. They have engaged with tradespeople and experts, and been physically involved in installing thefinished product. Not only has this been an invaluable learning experience of real-world work and problem solving, but it has made a valuable contribution to improving the appearance and function of the campus. Thank you Mrs Aydin, Mr Howard, Mr Johnson, and Year 10 (and those other student volunteers)!

Learning-Literacy-Library Area

Reading is crucial for effective learning in all subjects and at all stages. Among the many important ways that schools can support students acquiring strong reading skills and good reading habits, is to have a strong and well presented English curriculum supported by a literacy focus across learning areas.We are thankful for the work of all our teachers in supporting these essential skills.

In addition to this, another way for a school to support students acquire these skills and habits is through targeted literacy programs and through access to reading material.

While our current facilities don’t allow for us to allocate a dedicated single use space as a library we are making a start towards that by making D1 a focus area for English lessons, literacy resources and small-scale library operations. This means that the classroom will remain a teaching space for English classes, but a part of the room will also include resources for literacy support and will accommodate an elementary library of books for browsing and borrowing by students. These simple small beginnings are the first steps towards our plans for a contemporary library functioning as a learning resources centre.

Year 12 Common Room-Study Centre

The installation of the new H Block classrooms has allowed us to reconfigure the use of other learning spaces to improve the effectiveness of the campus.

Room B1 can be recognised as a Year 12 Common-Study Room. This space will be available for Year 12 students during non-face-to-face lessons for study and for completing assigned work . Before School, at recess, at lunch time, and for a period after school the space will be available for Year 12 to use for gathering and socialising. We hope to improve the amenity of the space with some different furnishings over time.

Improving Security and Supervision with CCTV 

We are always committed to providing students with the best arrangements to ensure their wellbeing and their safety. With the commencement of our new Year 12 Common Room and the Literacy-Library Area, we are trialling monitoring these spaces using High resolution WiFi connected CCTV. This will allow us to provide comprehensive supervision of these areas remotely and to ensure that students show respect for each other and for the spaces as they are intended to be used.

Staff News!


Addition to our Visual Arts Team!

Mrs Susie White has been a wonderful teacher for our art classes for many years and has helped our students achieve excellent results and to produce art of an exceptional standard.

While Mrs White will remain with us supporting students with their art practice we have appointed an additional Visual Arts teacher to the team to deliver some of the courses and course content.

Mrs Adele Lockman brings a range of experiences in Art teaching, in Art practice, in Outdoor Education and in Pastoral Care programs at a number of schools. We are delighted to welcome Mrs Lockman to ACC and look forward to enjoying all that she will add to our Creative Arts and Pastoral Care teams.

Year 5 Classroom Teacher

Mrs Megan van Niekerk is joining our staff on Year 5 while Mrs Burrett takes maternity leave. Mrs van Niekerk has extensive experience as a teacher and for the last few years has also been working as a Childrens Minister at a local church. I am confident our Year 5 students will enjoy their learning and have great success under Mrs van Niekerk’s care.

Other Staffing Changes to Note

Mrs Law will be taking Mr Bromhead’s Year 7 History class for Semester 2

Mrs Bailey will be working alongside Mr Speechley with 8 Maths 1.

Mrs Lockman will be replacing Mrs Russell working with Ms Gough in Year 7 English

Primary Take 2

Secondary Take 2

ACC HSC Exam Centre - Great News for Year 12s

For as long as our school has had Year 12 students they have needed to sit for the HSC examinations at another school. While we have been very thankful for the kindness and hospitality of St John Paul College who havehosted our students sitting the exams with their own Yr 12  we have recognised that for many reasons this has not been ideal.

We are delighted to share the news with you that for this year we have been approved by NESA to operate our own HSC exam centre on our own campus. This is wonderful news for our current Yr 12 and for all those to come.

Upcoming Events

  • School Returns Monday 30 July
  • Year 9 and 10 Mission to Palm Island: 24 July to 4 August
  • Year 12 Trial HSC examinations 6 August - 20 August
  • Parent Connect: Friday 3 August
  • Year 8 into 9 Subject Information Evening: Tuesday 7 August
  • Book fair: Thursday 9 August