Principal’s Message

It's the middle of Term 2 and there is a strong sense of anticipation on the campus. There are two things that I would like to highlight.

Firstly, we've just got the keys to our new classrooms! This whole experience feels very similar to the process of building your own home. We've watched the builders work on the classrooms for the past few weeks and now it's time to move in.

Over the next few days we will be installing TVs on walls and moving our existing resources into the new storage spaces. We now have the space to expand our technology and STEM programs, and so our staff are planning some exciting new learning experiences for the students. We will be offering a tour of our new classrooms during our next Parent Connect Session on Saturday 10th June from 10am.

Secondly, don't forget to purchase tickets to the ACC Showcase! I hear little snippets of what they’re working on and I'm looking forward to being there on opening night.

God bless you!

Paulle Kwok
[email protected]

Success at the Hawkesbury Show

There were about 40 cow submissions from different schools. Australian Christian College had two submissions: one for primary and one for high school.

Our High School submission

fullsizeoutput_b3c.jpeg fullsizeoutput_b3d.jpeg

Our primary submission


If you come to the office, you will see our High School Cow on display, along with some of the Photography entries and other prize-winning artworks.

Dominique White won 2nd prize overall (in the adult section) for printmaking, also first in youth fabric printing and first in mask making.

Marcus, Blake and Josh Sarina had their photographs on display, Max Sarina had two beautiful paintings on display, while Suzie White and her daughter, Jess, won best in show with items displayed in the Showcase of Excellence.

A good effort from ACC again!

Ethan and Rose Gibb

Recently, Ethan and Rose completed their 5th and 3rd grade (respectively) piano for leisure exams. We are pleased to report that they both achieved A grades on their exams. Well done Ethan and Rose!

Nycora Fortt

In April Nycora Fortt participated in NSW Schools STATE level Diving competition.

He placed BRONZE medalist 3m Springboard and 4th place 5m Open Age Primary Boys.


Vaccination Clinic

If you do not wish for your child to participate in the Vaccination Program please email Fiona on [email protected] with the reason.

Years 11 & 12: Vaccination clinic will be held on 28th June and will be for Meningococcal single dose.

Thank you to those who have handed in their consent forms.

Future Events Calendar:

  • Next Parent Connect Special Event session: Saturday 10th June
  • ACC’s Got Talent Tickets on sale: Friday 17th May
  • ACC’s Got Talent: 7th-8th & 13th-15th June.
  • School Photos: 14th-15th June
  • Years 7-10 Outdoor Experiences (camps): 21st - 23rd June
  • Open Doors BBQ for students: 26th June
  • Year 11 & 12 Vaccination Clinic: 28th July

ACC’s Got Talent!

Tickets have been released! Due to our sold out shows of 2016, the 2017 Showcase will run over 5 dates. These include 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, and 15th June. Tickets will be released on Monday 15th May. More information will follow.

Rehearsals continue to go ahead, and are going better than anticipated. This is going to be an incredible show. With a diverse range of performances from a wide range of genres the showcase will feature students from Foundation to Year 12 plus an all-star band of students and staff members. This is the not-to-be-missed event of 2017.

General Information

Parent Connect

Our next parent connect is going to be a bit different - we are running it on Saturday 10th of June, instead of on our usual Friday morning. This is because we have something very special and unique to offer our community.

To begin our first Parent Connect morning session for Term 2 we will be offering a tour of our new facilities, so that our community members can see the progress being made and get a feel for the new facilities currently under development. We will also be able to give updates on school activities and deliver important information. If you have any questions that you would like answered, please email Renee Parker at [email protected].

We are excited to announce that renowned Clinical Nutritionist Ruth Fellowes will be coming to speak on nutritional management of learning and behavioural disorders, and the impact that diet can have in improving these issues in children and adolescents. After her talk, Ruth will also be running a cooking (and eating!) demonstration to illustrate how tasty and easy it can be to get brain foods into kids. Following a short break, Ruth will also be presenting a workshop called ‘Move to Learn’. Move to Learn is a movement program based on the natural movements of babies and toddlers. It addresses the underlying functional deficits that children with various learning difficulties and disabilities have, by helping to integrate left and right brain functions and helping to mature the vestibular system as well as any retained primitive reflexes that should normally have disappeared by the time a child is attending school.

You are welcome to attend one or all of the sessions with Ruth. An information letter with times and location will be sent out shortly.

Ruth is an expert in nutritional treatments of Autism, ADD/HD, Aspergers, Anxiety/ depression, Pyroluria (Mauve factor, pyrroles, kryptopyrroles), Food Intolerances and Gut problems - in children, adolescents, and adults.

To attend any or all of the segments of our Parent Connect Special Event, please RSVP.

After School Care with Camp Australia

Week 1 of Term 2 has already passed. The children in ASC have been having lots of fun - last Term we looked at many different types of aeroplane crafts. We tested paper, foam, straw and stick aeroplanes to see which would fly the furthest. We had lots of fun.

This Term we will be doing lots of different craft and games. We are making different types of playdough, kinetic sand and slime as well this Term.

We provide nutritious afternoon teas, which is included in our fees. If you are interested in finding out more pop into D3 as we are there every afternoon, or call us on 0439 738 813. We are always happy to answer any questions.

From all of the team at Camp Australia we wish you a fantastic 2017.

The Camp Australia Team at Australian Christian College

Fidget Spinners at ACC

It's not surprising that fidget spinners have already been banned in many schools (not ACC yet!). Unlike fiddling with stationery, fidget spinners can be seen to be too distracting in the classroom.

Teachers are at times struggling to retain the attention of their class while children are twiddling these captivating little toys. Of course, there's no real reason why fidget spinners should even be in a classroom - any more than beyblades or mobile phones - but they are small and discreet enough to be hidden and manipulated below desk level.

Ironically, fidget spinners are often marketed as therapeutic tools for children with autism, anxiety and ADHD. There is, however, very little scientific evidence to support the claim that they calm children down and help them focus. If anything, many experts agree, they are likely to stimulate children and have the opposite effect. They were certainly not conceived as a mental health aid; the inventor of the fidget spinner, Catherine Hettinger, originally designed the toy as a means of keeping bored Israeli children entertained and out of trouble. They might, however, be a useful physical therapy tool for those who need to develop their fine motor skills.

Unfortunately, I have heard of instances whereby ACC students have attached pins and sharp objects to their fidget spinners in order to make them harmful. Of course this will not be tolerated and could result in a complete ban on the toys.

While I sympathise with teachers competing for their students' attention with whizzing pieces of plastic, I am encouraged by the sight of kids fidget-spinning in the playground rather than staring at their phones. And I've personally found that children who fidget-spin can continue a conversation while doing so ... something that doesn't happen when they get hold of an iPad.

So the jury is currently out with regard to fidget toys at ACC, but students must always remember that it is their teacher's decision as to whether or not they are allowed to be used in class.

Ross Howard
Deputy Principal
[email protected] 

NSW Energy Rebates

Many of our families could be eligible for gas and electricity rebates. To find out more information on rebates and emergency assistance go to: 

Trading of swap cards, toys and food

We ask parents and guardians to be aware that students are not allowed to trade swap cards (Pokemon, Dragonball Z, football cards etc), toys and/or food at school.


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From time-to-time students accidentally collect items of school clothing that belongs to another student. The most common articles are sports jackets, hats, jumpers and school blazers. Please check labels to see if your child is in possession of another student's clothing. We also strongly encourage families to write names on all labels so that they can be returned if lost.

Our lost property box has been overflowing lately, and sadly, many of the items in our lost property are nameless, or they have incorrect names in them. We also have a number of students missing uniform items that have possibly been accidentally taken home by other students. Please check all uniform items, especially jackets, blazers, ties, and any removable pieces.


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