Principal’s Message

I'm really pleased with the development of our sports and arts program under the direction of Ms Kleyn and Mr Russell.

Participation is a key building block of positive culture and I'm proud of the fact that our representative teams are full and over 80 students auditioned for the arts showcase that will take place later in the year.

As our opportunities grow, it's important to develop our equipment and facilities as well. We recently took delivery of new high jump mats and IAAF certified jump poles (these poles don't look like anything we used in school). We also purchased a ball machine for our students to practice their batting technique. In the arts, we have recently purchased an additional piano and we are upgrading our AV systems for the showcase.

Looking ahead, one of our new learning spaces will be dedicated to visual arts. I can't wait to see what Mrs White and her team do with prop and costume design in the new space.

We also celebrate times when our programs achieve success in competitions as well. Last week, our U14 boys futsal team advanced to the state championships after a very successful regional gala day.

Thanks for your support of our school community!

Paulle Kwok
[email protected]  

Nycora Ford

Nycora successfully competed at the NSW State Diving Championships with fantastic results:

  • GOLD 5m
  • GOLD 3m
  • SILVER 1m

On Thursday 23rd March he proudly represented ACC at School Diving.

Biology Excursion

Thursday 9 th March and the year 11 Biology class participated in various field studies at

Longneck Lagoon in Scheyville National Park. Divided into groups of 3, they investigated various physical and chemical influences in the environment that influence the suitability of an area to sustain microbats.

By analysing, amongst others things, the canopy density, leaf litter coverage, light penetration, slope of the land, availability of roost sites, soil pH and temperature, students were able to identify which, if any factors will support the microbat population.

They were also able to determine the human impact on the area as well as test for appropriate quality of water.

Together the information gathered forms a major part of their first assessment task for Year 11 Biology

Mrs Barbara Howard
[email protected]

 Distance Education Residentials Term One: Literacy and Numeracy

Distance education students from all over New South Wales met at Camp Toukley and Riverstone for mandatory residentials during March. Although there was a lot of rain across both weeks, the Camp Toukley students were able to enjoy canoeing, orienteering, stand up paddle boarding, and crate climb activities after their lessons. Camp Toukley participants enjoyed a movie night, games, trivia, and a campfire.

Residential weeks are run with the purpose of developing areas in the curriculum that cannot be addressed at home. We aim to engage students in collaborative activities that are hands on, interactive and challenging.

The March DE residentials focussed on literacy and mathematics. For literacy, the students were taught to apply the CAFÉ and Daily Five reading methods. They had opportunity to share ideas, work collaboratively, and develop their writing techniques. For math, the DE students were able to look at math from a biblical perspective. This involved looking at the positions of galaxies, the sun, and the earth. They also looked at the mathematical specifications of Noah’s Ark. On a practical level, students participated in Mathletics Quadrathons and were able to design the skeletons of fellow students - an activity which challenged their operational skills.

Both Camp Toukley and Riverstone residential weeks were enjoyed by students and teachers alike.

Mr Don Hastie
[email protected]

Mrs Rani Joseph
[email protected]

Gideon’s Visit

This week the Year 7 Bible classes received a visit from Gideons International. Representatives Phil & Gwen Davis, and Graham Hill gave out copies of the New Testament to interested students. The students also learned about Gideons' work in distributing Bibles -- on average, a Bible is distributed every two minutes in Australia.

Ben Kwok
Chaplain & Bible Teacher
[email protected]


Vaccination Clinic - Year 7 Students

This is a reminder that a Western Sydney Local Health Consent envelope was sent home with your child on Tuesday 1st March, 2017.

Thank you to everyone who has returned their card.

If you do not wish for your child to participate in the Vaccination Program please email Fiona on [email protected]au  with the reason.

Vaccinations for Term 2 are 1st dose HPV and dTpa on Friday 19th May 2017.

Due to changes made by the Government recently more information on 2nd and 3rd dose dates will be communicated as soon as possible.

Future Events Calendar:

  • Parent Connect ‘Thank you’ pamper session and morning tea: Friday 31st March
  • ACC Community Family BBQ: week 10, Wednesday April 5th from 5:30-8:00pm
  • Next Parent Connect evening session: Tuesday 2nd May at 7.00pm
  • Year 7 Vaccination Clinic: Term 2, 19th May
  • Parent Schoology Training Session: watch this space!

This year we will be offering some evening session dates for Parent Connect so that working parents might have the opportunity to attend these vital information and feedback sessions.

ACC Community Meet the Teacher Picnic Night

Due to incremental weather, we made the decision to postpone our Meet the Teacher Picnic Night. It will now go ahead on Wednesday 5th of April, beginning at 5:30pm. We will officially close the event at 8pm. So come when you can, leave when you must.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you, our wonderful ACC Community. To do that, we are excited to offer each guest a sausage sandwich on us! Please fill out the order form here:

This will help us to cater for the event. We will also be selling slushies, popcorn and some cakes/slices/biscuits. For some fun, we will and have a photo booth set up. As an added bonus, we have organised to have a coffee van come to us - many of our staff have sampled the coffee, and it's good!

There will be a number of interactive opportunities to meet with teachers, participate in games and activities around the school, eat and have fun!

The ACC Careers Cafe

The Career's Cafe will present an array of career related opportunities for ACC students in NSW. It is vital that senior students start to think about their future and plan actively for possible career pathways. Open days and information opportunities offer student important information about career options. They are also able to meet experts in specific fields. Research indicates that students who start researching career pathways are more likely to settle easily into career options after their schooling and are more successful as it matches their interests.

Please also keep in touch for more career news in the Careers Club on Schoology:

Senior High students can also make appointments to see the school's careers adviser for personal career coaching, counselling or future planning support.

Latest Career Highlights:

National Institute of Circus Arts Come & Try Day

Avondale Open Day - Experience Uni life for a day. Register your interest

Work experience at the Australian Museum in 2017

Notre Dame Medicine Information Session

  • 26 March. 12.00pm
  • 160 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
  • Those considering studying Medicine commencing in 2018 are invited to attend an information session. The session is designed to help you find out more about the admissions process, an overview of course content, meet current students and tour our facilities. Register below or make contact on 02 8204 4404 or [email protected] for further information.

Pre-apprenticeship courses available in carpentry and joinery

  • TABMA Workforce and Career Development have a number of pre-apprenticeship courses available in carpentry and joinery. The courses are open to students from 15 years who can be released from school to attend. The courses consist of 2 weeks at a TAFE college followed by 2 weeks practical work experience with one of our host employers.
  • Please make contact on 92773100 for further information.

St Patrick’s Institute of Education Info Day

Martin College Weekly Campus Tours

  • Business, Marketing, Events, Tourism, Design and Technology qualifications with face to face and online study options.

Rani Joseph
Accredited careers Adviser/ Coach

ACC Newsletter Competition!

We have decided that the ACC Newsletter needs a name and a logo. So we are looking to our community for ideas and input. This competition is open to the whole school - we will have an overall winner, a winner for each stage, and a people’s choice award. As entries come in we will publish them on the ACC Marsden Park Facebook page so that you can see the wonderful entries, and later to vote for the People’s Choice award.

The brief:

  • keep it simple (not too busy or too much
  • limit your colour palette to five colours
  • be creative and imaginative
  • keep any writing clear and legible
  • Entry should be minimum A4 size, A3 is even
    better (though this won’t affect the judging).

ACC’s Got Talent!

After such a wonderful event in 2016, ACC brings you its second showcase. In 2017 our showcase will combine the best the school has to offer in dance, drama and the wider creative arts. This year, the theme is "ACC's Got Talent" - and will showcase a diverse range of performances from a wide range of genres, featuring students from years K-12 and an all star band of students and staff members. Auditions are now done and rehearsals are well underway.

Tickets will be available early in Term 2.

General Information

Locks for Lockers

Secondary students are now requested to supply their own locks for lockers. If you are still waiting on a locker, bring in your padlock and see Mr Howard for your new locker location.


From time-to-time students accidentally collect items of school clothing that belongs to another student. The most common articles are sports jackets, hats, jumpers and school blazers. Please check labels to see if your child is in possession of another student's clothing. We also strongly encourage families to write names on all labels so that they can be returned if lost.

Trading of swap cards, toys and food

We ask parents and guardians to be aware that students are not allowed to trade swap cards (Pokemon, Dragonball Z, football cards etc), toys and/or food at school.


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Student Quiz

Answer the following riddle, and bring your solution to Mrs Parker in the office to receive a small prize:

Primary: How many months have 28 days?

Secondary: You draw a line. Without touching it, how do you make the line longer?

Answer to last newsletter riddle:

Primary: A towel gets wetter as it dries

Secondary: The future, or, tomorrow.


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